Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sentence Surgery: Naming & Telling Parts FREEBIE!

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   Fall is definitely in the air, and we are busy, busy, busy!  Every year, I spend so much time (and effort!) trying to teach the naming and telling parts of sentences to my first graders.  I typically end up wanting to pull out my hair, and if you've ever tried to teach this particular skill, it can be nerve wracking for sure!

   This year, my fabulous student teacher and I decided to make this can-be-boring-but-have-to-teach-it standard into something fun....with Sentence Surgery!
  My student teacher made these awesome anchor charts to set the purpose for the lesson and to review naming and telling parts of sentences. 

We used the book The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!? by Mo Willems because it's such a fun book that the kids always love, and it is a great example of INcomplete sentences.

  While most of the phrases in the book are questions or commands, the students were encouraged to think of ways that the pigeon could have used complete sentences to talk to the duckling.  

The kids brainstormed for a while and gave suggestions.
Then, we told them that the pigeon's sentences needed help...they needed SURGERY to be complete and make sense!

Every student got a "surgery kit" (i.e. bandaids and a surgical mask), and then they got to work making sentences.
 Here are the sentences we used...a couple related to the book & a couple that would be familiar to them.
 The bandaids were a LITTLE sticky, but they finally got the hang of it!
(A lot of them tried to "glue" the sentences together using the bandaid, so I suggest having them use the bandaid to stick the sentence down to the construction paper)
 It's much neater that way!
 All you need is strips of construction paper, bandaids, surgical masks if you can find a sweet donor, scissors and glue!
 The kids absolutely LOVED this activity. They kept calling each other "Dr." and it was hilarious. Most of them even wrote their names as Dr on their papers!  Hilarious!

They all wanted to wear their masks home, and I got some strange looks from other teachers. Plus, a bus driver asked if there was some sort of "outbreak", so just FYI if you decide to do this!

I loved that the kids were so engaged, and this activity really made those awful naming and telling parts make sense!
To grab the sentences we used, as well the cover, just click the picture above.
I also included other sentences in case you don't read this book, and some with varying fonts to help you differentiate for your learners.

  In our literacy centers, we have been reviewing the naming and telling parts with a Make a Sentence Center.
The students are given 4 sets of naming & telling parts (color coded by using colored paper). They have to match the parts to create complete sentences and record them on our activity sheet.  

There are also different fonts used within each set to help assist lower learners in making sentences, and to help me differentiate for my students

You can check this center out in my TpT store by clicking the picture below.
I printed my own on colored paper to save ink, but there are color versions available in this pack, as well!

So, there you have it friends... Sentence Surgery.
I'm telling you, the kids absolutely ADORED this activity & they're still talking about it...and they still want to be called "Doctor"! 

As always, thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I definitely needed another lesson to add to my "stash" and this sounds just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing this idea. Can't wait to use it soon!

  2. Thank you this was such a huge help! This is a wonderful idea

  3. Thank you so much! I will use it this week with my ESL students!


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