Thursday, September 10, 2015

Working with Plural Nouns & FREEBIES!

Hi Friends!
   It's been a busy week in first grade, but we are finally getting in the groove of everything.  This week, we have been working with plural nouns.  While our first grade standards don't explicitly state that children must learn suffix -s, -es, and -ies, these plurals are seen in so many of our assessments and first grade text. For that reason,we just jump right into using all three!

   We started by learning the difference between singular and plural - two GIANT words that can be confusing for firsties.  We practiced sorting examples, and then I passed out sticky notes for the kids to sort onto our charts. 

 I saw this idea on Pinterest but it went to a dead link. Please let me know the original source so I can give credit where it is due :)
The kids loved getting up & moving around & they did a great job sorting! 

When we finished with our sort, the kids cut & paste singular and plural nouns into their own little flapbook.
I had to walk the kids through the directions for cutting JUST on the dotted lines, but they did well with it.
*All of the cute clip art is from Ashley Hughes, Krista Wallden & the Worksheet Junkie.  Fonts by Kimberly Geswin (KG)*
Click the above picture to grab this flapbook for FREE!

Then, we moved into sorting words with specific suffixes. The kids had to determine if the word would need an -s, -es, or -ies to be made plural.  

They each had pockets and pencils to cut and paste.
Again, I had to walk through the directions.
We cut out the square pockets, then ONLY glued on the left, right & bottom....leaving the top open to make a pocket.  Children then cut out their pencils and sorted them into the correct pocket.

I folded a sheet of 11x17 construction paper in half "Hot Dog Style" and cut the strips for the kids.

When they were finished, I folded them into thirds to make a little book for each of them.

You can grab this activity by clicking {here} or the above picture. 

Later, I added our Pencil Pockets Sorting Activity to our center rotation & the kids have been practicing with plural nouns all week!  You can check this out in my TpT store {here}.

So, that's it for me! I hope you can use these freebies for practicing plurals in your room!

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Happy (early) Friday!