Saturday, January 18, 2014

Do You Have an Opinion?? Freebies x2!!

It's a three day weekend.... Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  
Can you hear the singing?  Oh I can.....  I so can. :)

I have been just awful about blogging, but it's just been one of those years. Every time I take two steps forward, I feel like I take 3 steps back, and blogging.... well, it just hasn't gotten done.

We just keep getting new kids, and I know there are gazillions out there with enormous class sizes I can't even fathom having,  but it's been an adjustment. 

And the testing.

Oh, the testing.  It's constant, and there's "talk" of implementing even more next year. Ugh.  I am starting to wonder when there is going to be time to actually teach....and be creative...and love learning...amidst all the testing.  But, it is what it is, right?!

Anyone else feel tested to death?

So, enough of my whining, it's SATURDAY, and I'm about to go get some retail therapy to make me feel better...cause, you know, that totally works (until you get the bill! haha!)

I wanted to share our super cute opinion writing with you...I am in LOVE with this activity.

I'm sure you've seen this all over Pinterest, which is where, of course, I found it.

Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts posted this catching snowflakes freebie, and I was sold! She got the idea from Artsonia where you can find so many super cute craft ideas... you should definitely check them BOTH out while you're blog stalking. :)

Anyhoo.... this quarter, we have to work on our opinion writing.  Keep in mind, this was our very first opinion piece, so the final products are fairly simple, but it was a perfect kick start to our study...
 We used a graphic organizer to state our opinion about whether or not we liked winter & then, wrote three reasons to support our opinion. I had the kids draw a smiley or frowny face at the top to start their writing.  For some, that visual reminder helped them write their opinion and reasons.
When they finished working on their graphic organizer, they moved to their draft.
Upon writing that, they added a closing sentence to "bring it all together".

I swear, that closing sentence is the absolute hardest thing in the world for my firsties to grasp. I'm trying to get them away from repeating the first sentence again, or just writing, "I like winter".

We've got work to do, for sure, but they really worked hard, and I loved how they turned out! 
This little guy didn't include one of those infamous closing sentences or remember to draw his snowflakes, but I am still so proud.

They each filled out their own grading rubric, and then I added commentary to the bottom of each one.

The opinion writing sheets and rubric are FREE if you click the below picture :)

And, don't forget to visit A Year of Many Firsts for the awesome craft freebie!

Next, I have another freebie for you....
   We have been studying pronouns, and I created this little Pronoun Polar Bear cut and paste activity that was a great way to assess my kiddo's understanding and mastery of using pronouns in sentences.
 There are 2 versions - one with sentences, and one with simple pronoun substitution practice. The kids cut out and glue (only on the star!) the proper pronoun to create little "fur balls" all over their polar bear.
They loved it, and I got a good idea of who "got it" and who didn't.

This FREEBIE is available only at Buy Sell Teach, an awesome new marketplace for teachers.
Just click the picture to grab it!

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Check out the GIVEAWAY post HERE to grab a bunch of great stuff, and enter to win!!
Get ready to hop to some amazing blogs!! :)

So, that's it for me, friends... time for that retail therapy!
Even if I don't really need to spend anything... maybe I'll just window shop. Yeah...sure..that's what I'll do....

I don't know about y'all, but we get paid once a month.. and our last paycheck was before Christmas, and we're two weeks out from our next one...  

This is definitely how I feel this month...
Anyone else have this feeling?? :)

As always, thanks for stopping by & have a happy LONG weekend!!! :)


  1. Thank you very much for the Polar Bear Pronoun Freebie. I have some ESOL students that will enjoy this. Just signed up at Buy See Teach.

  2. Three day weekend... you lucky duck. Our students have off Monday, but teachers have professional development day. I always make a big deal out of how I'LL be WORKING, while THEY'LL be PLAYING, and they think it's hilarious. I'm not looking forward to a day of sitting, but I hope to learn a few things. Have fun shopping!
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