Thursday, January 10, 2013

Measurement, Penguins & A FREEBIE

Soooo.....I joined Weight Watchers tonight.  Yep, I actually signed up. I did it years ago & was really successful, so I decided to do it again. I had to do something to make sure I would keep my resolution AND because I just had to.  Stepping on the scale made me want to throw up, but I managed to survive! :)

I have to say I didn't love the meeting, but I think I need them. You know, the accountability thing. If I just do online, I have a greater chance of cheating getting off track ;)  Have any of y'all done WW before?? 

We are also starting a Biggest Loser club at school, so I figured the two combined is BOUND to be successful :)

Anyhoo, on to school stuff.  This week, we are working on measurement.  I have to say, I am loving the new Common Core for this area.  We no longer have to do weight & capacity, and only focus on ordering lengths and using nonstandard units to measure.  Yippee! 

To focus on shorter and longer, I had the students choose any one object in the room. They then had to find 5 objects that were shorter, and 5 things that were longer. They loved it! It was a fun scavenger hunt with a purpose :)


Then, we did a simple cut & paste to assess their ability to put objects in order from shortest to longest and longest to shortest.
We also made the cutest winter trees!

I got this idea from Pinterest (where else??) & Primary Graffiti
 Her post had children making Christmas trees from measurement links of paper, and my team & I just tweaked it to be WINTER trees!

 I think they turned out pretty cute! When it was all said & done, we thought we should have used Honey Comb cereal to make snowflakes, but they're allright as is & the kids really loved it, too.

   I've included all of the measurement worksheets into a FREEBIE just for you. Hop on over to my TpT store & grab them if you want :)

We've also been studying penguins and polar bears this week.  Well, truth be told. . . we've only gotten to penguins so far. Wow, the first week back is CRAZY! 

Anyway, we've been comparing fiction and nonfiction penguin texts & will soon compare penguins and polar bears, too! Today, we made our cute penguins...

Yes, I TOTALLY spelled squawk wrong... man, the pressure! I just knew there was a W in there somewhere.  And I won the school spelling bee in the 5th grade. Eeek! Oh well, you get the point :) 

The other side of the board is for our Polar Bears. We'll put our comparison Venn Diagram under the whole thing (when I move our spelling words out of the way) so we can see what we've learned!

You can see my original post about Penguins and Polar Bears <HERE>. You can also pick up my pack (including crafts for both animals, some suffix/prefix work, and 'can, have, are' sheets for both animals) at my TpT store <HERE>.

Some of the activities look like this:

 (I know the one on the right has 2 errors, but I wanted to share).

So, that's about it for me. Time to settle in for a  orange?  Fruits are free so it looks like those are my two options.  Now, if I can just get off my booty & actually walk around the block ...or at least further than my mailbox....I'll be good to go!!  

How are your resolutions working out??

Oh, and before I go... I'm getting closer to 300 followers (Yippee!!!) and when I do, I'm planning a giveaway :)  Check back soon!  Have a HAPPY FRIDAY and an even better weekend.  Toodles! 


  1. I did Weight Watchers a couple of years ago and lost almost 30 pounds! I didn't actually join, but followed the program (my Mom had done it years ago...). Sadly, I got off track and gained it back. Looking to get focused again this new year! It's tough!

    Thanks for the freebies. We're starting our penguin unit next week!

  2. My neighbors and I did WW together. I only had 20 pounds of "baby weight" five years later to lose, so I dove in. I lost all of it and continued to stick with the eating habits I had learned and workout regimen. I still get up before 5 every morning to work out! I got pregnant after losing all of the weight, had a baby two years ago and have kept it off still!

    Good luck! It is very doable!!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. This is fantastic news for me. Thanks for sharing Andrea!

    2. Thanks, Andrea! It's going well (knock on wood) & I can see why people are so successful with it. Congrats on your success - that's awesome!

  3. Kelly, I love your precious blog. Thanks for following mine and I think I am going to join you in the WW journey. Are you doing the online version?

    1. I'm doing the Monthly Pass, where I can go to unlimited meetings AND have all access to the online tools. Loving it so far. Join with me!!! :)


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