Thursday, August 27, 2015

Make a Ten: Low Prep, High Engagement

Hi Friends!
   We are getting into the swing of things in first grade, and my sweet little friends are just the best!  I love when the first couple of weeks are under our belt, and we can really dive into the curriculum.

    In math, we have been working on "making a ten", and number combinations to ten using ten frames and number bonds.  We started with some anchor charts and hands-on activities to build numbers, and this little low prep activity really had the kids engaged...and learning! 
We started with some standard two-sided counters. I have a gazillion of these, but any manipulative that you can use two colors of will work....counting bears, unifix cubes, etc...  

I passed out clear cups and gave each child 10 counters.  We were working on Making Ten, but you could use any number of counters to build a number.   The kids got their counters, put their little hands on top, and I told them to SHAKE IT UP!!
Shake it up...shake it up!! The kids spontaneously started singing some Taylor Swift here, which just cracked me up! 

The children then spilled out their counters & drew a number bond on their desk to represent their "spill".  Here are some examples of three kids working on making a ten, and one little friend who was still building to 8! 

When they finished creating their number bonds, they had to write an equation to match it.  They just LOVE writing on their desks, and I love that it keeps them engaged!

We continued shaking and dumping for a while.  They were having so much fun, and the concept was really starting to click. How could I say no?! :)

When everyone had moved on up to making a ten, I had them record their "spills" on a sheet.
Some filled in the whole squares, while others drew the circles to mimic the counters.
While writing equations, we have been working with the commutative property and representing number combinations in two ways.  The children had to write the two equations that represented their counter spills.
They did such a great job AND they were able to identify so many ways to make ten!

Later, we made Rekrenrek bracelets so the kids could practice making combinations of ten, and create story problems to go along with their bracelets.
 This friend told me 6 monkeys were jumping on HER bed, and 4 more came along!

Just a quick, low prep,and easy way to practice building to ten! My kids loved it so much, they've asked to play it again and again.  Can't beat that!  If you would like a copy of the activity sheet, click the picture above or grab it {here}.  

I hope you can use this simple idea!  As always, thanks for stopping by! :)

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  1. Great lesson for fluency practice! Loved using both the Spill the Counters game and the bracelets! Children connected to both so well!

  2. Thanks for sharing your work! Question - do the students erase the table, shake again and repeat? If so, how does that work out? Thanks


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