Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I'm a Summer Slug!

What can I say? It's been almost 2 months since I've blogged. It's been 2 months since I've really had anything to say.  I had the hardest year of my teaching career, and when school ended May 29th, I just walked out the door and drove away. Honestly.

For the first time in 14 years, I left the school building with no box.....NOTHING. Just me and my keys.   I was outta there!

And you know what? It felt pretty darn good. 

Well, eventually it did.

 In typical teacher fashion, I got home that night and started feeling guilty. Thoughts like "I'll go back up there tomorrow and grab some stuff", "I should start my to-do list of what I need to get started on" and "I wonder when they'll let us back in the building" were swirling through my head.  But then, I just decided it was okay NOT to be in teacher mode ALL the time. 

It was okay to be a summer slug.  
 So I embraced it.

I went to the beach for a week with some amazing girls & had a blast.
I slept as late as I wanted to with no alarm.
I read books.... books that were sweet, sappy, scary and funny....books that didn't require any thinking or brain power at all.
I spent time with my family.
I spent time with my friends.
I went shopping.
I binged on Netflix.
I took naps.
I floated in the pool for hours.
And it has been fabulous.
What did I NOT do??

 I didn't spend hours on Pinterest looking for ideas for next year.
I didn't try to come up with a new theme for my classroom.
I didn't dream of data charts and RTI meetings.
 I didn't start making lesson plans for next year.
I didn't wake up in the middle of the night thinking about "school stuff".

 And one more thing.. I DIDN'T miss it. I DIDN'T feel bad.

For three weeks, I have been a summer slug, and I have loved every minute of it.

As teachers, we are always on "go".  And that doesn't stop in the summer (despite popular belief). Actually, more often than not, we are in hyper-drive during the summer coming up with all the stuff we want to do next year. We never stop thinking, planning, reading, researching, buying, making, doing.... and by the time school starts, we're already exhausted.

This year, I decided I was going to take a break from it all and just be.  
Nothing more. 

So, embrace your inner slug if you want to.  Or be in overdrive if you want to.
The key is do a little of what YOU want to!

 I have five more weeks of summer, and I plan to start easing back into teaching mode.  I can't just turn it off... I'm not sure any of us really can really pull the plug on teacher brain. ( I may or may not have already scanned the school supply aisle at Target....just saying)

But, I have learned it's alright to hit "pause" for a little while. 

So, that's it, friends.. I'm a slug...and I'm okay with that.

I hope you are enjoying your summer -doing whatever it is that makes you happy - and as always, thanks for stopping by!  

Promise to get my rear in gear & post more soon :)

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  1. I've also had a very tough year and totally agree with this post! I'm totally going to embrace the summer slug! :]

  2. I LOVE this post! Sometimes we have to do just that! I've had winter breaks where I've unplugged so completely from school that I couldn't remember my students names when I went back! Enjoy your time off- you've earned it!
    First Grade Bangs

  3. So glad you took some time off for you! You deserve it girl! I still have 5 days left then I plan on being a slug for a while (I hope)!

  4. Enjoy it while we can! :) I had my roughest year as well and summer is even sweeter this year!

  5. I appreciate your honesty and candor, Kelly. You are the voice of so many busy teachers! Thank you!


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