Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Introducing Build-A-Word!

Hi Y'all !
    It's Tuesday of my spring break, and I'll be honest, I haven't done  a whole lot of anything.  Which I'm totally fine with.  I've read a cheesy chick novel... I've watched some Netflix... I've gone to Target & Hobby Lobby...and Ive stayed up way past my bedtime. That all counts for SOMEthing right?! :) Either way, it needs to slow down.....I need the rest of the week to just creeeeeeeeeeeep by!

   So... on Friday for my Five, I posted a picture of my newest product - Build-A-Word! I wanted to share some pictures with you and give you a little more info about how it works.
Decoding simple CVC words, nonsense word fluency, and reading words with blends and digraphs are essential skills for any young reader.  Students with a strong foundation in decoding and word building are better able to read fluently as the level of text difficulty increases.

This packet is a great way to help students increase their mastery of word building, decoding, and identifying real and nonsense words. This pack is perfect for small group practice in guided reading groups, RTI pull out groups, one-on-one with specific kids, and even at centers for practice and review.

 There are word building cards for each short vowel. Each vowel set has several word families for children to use to build words.The lines can be used with dry-erase markers for students to write their newly created word.
 Each vowel sound has its own clip art-which helps with management and organization! I know my kids always work better with centers that have a visual to help them work with the activity...and it makes for easy-peasy clean up too!
Each set - cupcakes, gumball machines, muffins, ice cream & popsicles - also includes beginning sound cards for each consonant, blends, and digraphs. This helps differentiate the use of this activity & assist learners who need visual clues.

With lower learners, you can choose only basic consonant sounds to build words. With your higher learners, you can pull out digraphs and blends to increase decoding and reading ability.

There are also recording sheets for every word family, and one for each vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u).  Students build words, then write each one on their sheet.  They also color the words to identify each as real or nonsense.
I work really hard with my own students in identifying and differentiating between real and nonsense words. This helps increase their thinking while reading, and improves comprehension skills while still decoding words in text.

There's also differentiated assessments for each vowel sound, as well : Shorter words using simple consonant beginnings for lower learners, and more complex words with digraphs and blends for higher learners and those in need of a challenge.
There's also a sorting center for students to practice differentiating between real and nonsense words. My kids love seeing how fast they can read and sort these words. 

Kindergarten students are also doing wonders with this center,and it's awesome to see them sounding out words they don't think they can read!  You should see their faces! :)
 This pack is truly packed full of so much, and it's all stuff you can really use in your classroom.


 Click on the above picture to check it out. You can see more pages in the preview.
Thanks for stopping by & sticking around to hear all about the Build-A-Word! :)

Now, off to more TV watching & blog stalking...ahhh, I love spring break!

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  1. Hey stranger!!! I'm on spring break too...and I've done as little as possible....been much needed!!
    Very cute activity! We work on nonsense words daily...whew....struggle some days! :)

    Enjoy the rest of your week!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten


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