Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I {Heart} Instagram: Top 10 of the Year!

I know, I know, I've been a terrible blogger.
New Year's Resolution: DO BETTER AT BLOGGING!! :)

But, rather than waste your time talking about my problems, let's take a look back at the year....IG style!  While I haven't been the best at blogging, I do love me some Instagram!  I'm linking up with Natalie at Teachery Tidbits to highlight my favorites pics from 2014....

This was one of my favorite activities I did with my kiddos last year. They loved making 100 Day Cupcakes, and they turned our so stinkin' cute. I should warn you, though...these things take forever! 

This is a two-for-one special! We worked really hard on our opinion writing with What if You Had Animals Hair and What if You Had Animal Teeth. The kids absolutely loved the, their writing blew me away!! I call that a win-win! :)

Noun Trains! If you can't tell - I love me some craftivities! I know there are some people that don't think there's time to do crafts anymore in first grade, but I am a firm believer that children learn by play and by doing....and by doing crafts that incorporate what we are learning, I think they are better able to remember what we have learned. 
Just my opinion. Rant over. :)

You can't study nouns without working on adjectives, too! 
My first graders had so much fun creating their own monsters...and I had so much fun reading their descriptions!

If you haven't heard or used the song "Sneaky e is a ninja" from the Electric Company, go now to YouTube, and search it.  It's okay... I'll wait.

Yep, now it's in YOUR head, too!  I've been singing it for weeks!

One of my favorite activities of the year! Using "tent cards" (notecards folded in half) & a looooong piece of string tied to  both ends of the room, the kids put the numbers 0-120 in order. 
It was mass chaos, yes....but super fun...and educational, too! :)

 I'm in awe sometimes of how much our little ones are expected to learn...
but, this activity was a fun one and  I do LOVE a sticky note!

Volcano Day....still referred to by some of my first graders as the "BEST DAY EVER!".
Yes, it was THAT fun!

I really loved my "back to school" door this year.
And, for the record, the balloons DID stay inflated...for several weeks! :)

And my favorite one...
This has been kind of a rough year.. I won't lie. But, things like this are what keep me going.
They kids were at their Working with Words station, and when they finished with spelling words, they made me this.
It made my heart smile :)

So, that's it for me, friends. If you don't follow me on IG yet, click the little picture logo at the top of my blog and follow I can follow you, too!!

As always, thanks for stopping by and.... Happy New Year!!!!!
(this looks like my kind of year right here!!!)

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