Sunday, December 7, 2014

Differentiation Tips & a Currently Freebie!

Hi Friends!
  I don't know about y'all, but I could really use a slow down right about now. This month is flying by, and November is just a blur. How is it that Christmas is almost here?  I need more days...of the weekend kind, to be specific.  Do you think I could ask Santa for that??

   In the haste of the season, I have neglected my sweet little blog.  However, I am so fortunate to be guest blogging over at Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections today. She is absolutely AH-Mazing, and I am so excited to be on her blog!!  It's a post all about an easy way to differentiate centers in your classroom.  Click the picture below if you want to check that out.....but come back... I have a FREEBIE for ya!!

 If you're still with me here, I always hate to miss an opportunity to link up with Farley & the Currently.  So, while I'm super late to this party, I still wanted to join. Consider it being fashionably late...or something like that. Christmas music. It's my fave, and I always have it on when the season rolls around. It just makes me happy :)

Loving.... that it's finally cooling off down here in the dirty south. This past week, it was in the mid 70's and kids were wearing shorts to school!  This weekend has brought us a little bit of a cool down, and I'm loving jeans, boots and sweaters. It's so hard to Christmas shop while your sweating!

Thinking... that, speaking of Christmas shopping, I really need to get on it. I'm almost done, but have a few more to go. It's always those last ones that are so hard for me. Then, there's stocking stuffers.  While I LOVE getting them, it's such a struggle to come up with good ones for others.  Yep, got Christmas on the brain for sure!

Wanting...everything I see.  Why is it that in the months leading up to Christmas, I can't come up with a single thing I want, then when I'm shopping for others, I want every . single. thing!  The struggle is real, y'all.... the struggle is real!

Needing... absolutely nothing. I am truly blessed.  Ok, ok, I could go for a nice massage or a winning lottery ticket, but truth is, I'm happy :)

Giving... this Rudolph! Rudolph! Freebie!  My kids love doing this little book every year, and it's a cute way to review, practice and assess color words and rhyming words, too! The kids fill in the rhyming color word, and then color Rudolph's nose to match. :)  Just click the picture to grab it!

So, that's it for me, friends. As always, thanks for stopping by & I wish you the SMOOTHEST of days as the holiday approaches :)

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  1. Congratulations on the guest blog spot! I love Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections. Okay, I just jumped over and read your post! Fantastic. I love the idea of different colored folders. We differentiate both reading/spelling and math across the grade level (5 groups for reading and 4 for math). I further differentiate within my particular group. One question....Where did you get the flat boxes with lids that you keep the folders/activities in?
    Have a great holiday!
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess

  2. Hi Kelly! I just posted my Currently after you. I'm loving your blog and currently post! I, too, must finish my Christmas shopping! I just started today! I'm thinking I will be doing LOTS of Amazon shopping this year. ;) Merry Christmas!

    Mrs. MeGown’s 2nd Grade Safari

  3. Love love love your little freebie! Thank you so much for sharing! Like you, I am way behind on the Christmas present buying train but we still got a couple of weeks! Fingers crossed!


  4. You go girl! Stinkin' cute freebie and great post on Laura's site. Jayne
    Smart Kids

  5. Welcome back! Your blog is very useful, and it was sad when updates did not come out. Thank you for continuing to please us with new information.


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