Thursday, October 9, 2014

Volcano Day!!! {LOVE!}

This week, it's been all about volcanoes!  I got all of these amazing ideas from Kristin at A Day in First Grade. When I tell you she's a genius, I ain't lying - you have to go check her out! Just wanted to give credit where it's due before I even get started. :)

Anyway, we started our week with some fiction and nonfiction text about volcanoes.Last week, it was all about landforms, so this was just an extension of that, and a great way to incorporate a literacy study with our social studies unit.
My kiddos have a wee bit of a problem interrupting and blurting, so My Mouth is a Volcano was a perfect pick. It's not necessarily about volcanoes, but it does include some vocabulary we would be studying, and the message was just what we needed.

We used the nonfiction books to compare texts, and dig deeper into learning more about volcanoes.  The kids learned all about magma, lava, eruption, volcano and crater.  We focused on these words throughout the week, and included them in our journal and creative writing. It was so great to see these words in their actual work, and actually being applied. I loved it! 

So, we worked hard all week, and then today....................was VOLCANO DAY!!!
We are out of school tomorrow, so today was our Friday...and what a perfect way to wrap up the week.

These ideas from Kristin were truly the BEST. THING. EVER!
My kids were motivated all week just knowing that Volcano Day was coming up.
I even had amazing behavior class-wide, so YAY!

We started with our watercolor painting.
 The kids painted an "outside" picture, as one little girl called it.
 We hung them on the fence so they would dry fast, and we'd have time to do the rest of the fun stuff later in the day.

After they were dry, the kids cut out and glued a volcano to the paper.

Then, we went back outside, and sprayed our volcanoes with LAVA!!!
Well, not real lava, of course, but paint & water in a spray bottle did the trick for first graders.

The thought it was the MOST fun squirting their paintings with "lava"!
I hung them on the fence again so 
1) they would dry quickly and 
2) the "lava" would drip down for a more realistic looking eruption.

 Of course, the paint dripped on the pavement, and it looked like a murder had taken place. 
All the kids thought it looked like blood. 
I blame that on the upcoming Halloween holiday! haha
 I just LOVE how they all turned out!
As for the mess, these dried in less than an hour, and just minutes after I took them down, the skies opened & it stormed like nobody's business.

Mess Gone.

No more lava on the pavement!

While we listened to the rumble of thunder outside, it was time to bring our volcano day inside with a science experiment. We made our very own volcanoes!
 To do this, you will need WARM water, red food coloring, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and yeast.

                  We used Gatorade bottles filled with 1/2 cup peroxide and a few drops of red food coloring.

The next step was to add a dash of liquid dish detergent.  

Then, the kids added the yeast mixture - 2 TABLEspoons of warm water and 1 TEAspoon of yeast.
We mixed these two ingredients into a small contained and then poured them into the bottle.
 Then, we waited for the eruption!!!
One of my little friends said that thunder outside made it sound like our volcanoes were really erupting.
 Slow & steady, but the kids' faces were priceless!!!!
They couldn't believe it was "growing" as one of my firsties kept saying.
And, of course, they had to touch it! 
And on a warning/sidenote, all of the kids (and ME!) had red fingers when the day was done.
The kids couldn't believe that even minutes later, their volcanoes just kept erupting!
It was too cute!

So, there you have it. As one of Kristen's kids said, it was the "best day ever"!!!

We had the best time, and honestly, all of my kids learned so much about nonfiction text and about volcanoes. They were all using their "big" words, and kept telling me they couldn't wait to tell their parents.

Winning! :)

That's it for me, friends. We are off tomorrow & Monday for our Fall Break, so this chickadee is heading out of town. I hope you're all having a great week & you can use some of these idea with your kids, too!

As always, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I love that book, too, and use it in my class to discourage interrupting, but I never even thought of tying in some nonfiction reading to go with it! I love that idea and the ones you shared from Kristen- I'm gonna try them all!! Thanks for sharing :)
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