Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sorting & Classifying Data: First Grade Style!

We are well under way with our school year, and have really been digging into our math curriculum. Since we don't have a set "program" to use for math, we are always looking for creative and fun ways to teach and assess the standards.

The last couple of weeks, it's been all about data!!  We have sorted, organized, classified, represented, and recorded data in so many different ways.  To culminate our unit of study, we did this super fun activity that is so easy to do, and a great way to assess the kids' understanding.

I started with clip art. Ahhhh...clip art!  If you are anything like me, you have a bunch of super cute art saved on your computer just waiting for a project. Well, here ya go!

I chose 6 groups of pictures - bears, bugs, vehicles, people, desserts and monsters.
 I just randomly scattered the clipart on 3 pages per category.  I  made sure to include some of each type of bear...bug...vehicle...etc... on each page, as well as a variety of sizes.
{Thanks to Creative Clips, Melonheadz, Ashley Hughes, and www.mycutegraphics.com for the adorable art!)

 I ran them on colored paper.  One page of each category on one color.... one page on a second color..and the last page on a third color.  Are we with me so far?  For example, with the monsters, one page was run on yellow...one on blue...and one on pink.

 Then, I just laminated and cut them out.  Nothing neat...I just cut out around the shapes to keep it simple.
I divided the kids into 6 groups and gave each group a baggie of objects.

Each group then had to sort them...any way they wanted to.
That's the key!  
The kids had to work collaboratively to decide how they wanted to sort the objects. 


After some "exploration" time, I stared to guide the activity with some category suggestions: size, color, and type of object.
We went through several rounds of sorting.

Then, the kids had to decide... as a group...how they wanted to sort and categorize their objects to represent them on a graph.

This was a great activity for working together, and making a final group decision!

When they finished sorting, each group was given a data collection sheet.

The students had to identify their categories, create a tally table, count & record tallies,and then create a graph to represent their data.
During this time, I walked around the room & assessed their understanding.

I loved how this activity gave the responsibility and ownership to the kids. Plus, it required them to apply several of our math skills to one activity.

The kids loved it & I was able to collect data of my own!

If you would like a copy of the data sheet, just click {HERE}. You can use it with any clip art, manipulatives, or objects you have in your classroom. It's open ended & a great way to involve your children in collecting and representing data. 

So, that's it for me, friends. I hope you can use this activity in your classroom & I hope you're having a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love this! Is it on your tpt store because I would love to use it in my classroom?


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