Saturday, August 9, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014

School has officially started for me, and it's time to get back into the swing of things.
Which means, back into the swing of paying attention to my sweet blog.

So, in the spirit of Back to School, I figured I would share my classroom photos for this year.

If you're anything like me, you like to change it up every year. Now, I don't have the dough to overhaul the whole thing, but I decided to give it just a little makeover.

Welcome to my classroom!
 The balloons were a big hit. So much so, they asked to take them home!

The view from the front door.  Come on in!

Supply cubbies...obviously!  I really wish they were all white. 
Maybe I could paint them?!

Two of the best ideas I've ever implemented in my classroom:
1) Highlighters for the kids to highlight their name before turning papers into the basket. 
I get very few "no name" paper this way, and I LOVE it.

2) Bathroom Passes - the kids put the pass on their desk, so when I look around, I know who is out of the room AND it reminds them to give a little squirt when they get back. Because, come on, we know they
don't all really wash their hands like they're supposed to.

Lunch choice table. The kids each have their own name stick on their desk in the mornings. I put the lunch choices out in front of each can, and they just put their stick in the correct bucket.
My "lunch leader" counts each can and takes the lunch count up each day.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Front of my room with my crate seats.
Whoever thought this original idea up was a GENIUS!
They serve two purposes - much-needed storage AND the kids can stand on them to use the Promethean Board.

My standards board- still a work in progress.
On the left, I will post our daily standards and EQ's.
On the right is where we hang our anchor charts for each lesson.

I found this super cute bunting/banner at Hobby Lobby. It was strung in burlap, which I LOVED, but it didn't match my room, so I just put some blue ribbon in it instead, painted the words, and voila!

Writing center and floor space....pretty self-explanatory :)

Listening Center & supply cart.
The rug & the cart are both from Ikea.
I can't leave that place without spending a fortune!!
(and I need a new beanbag - I cannot, for the life of me, find blue!)

Subway art from Just a Primary Girl. They are just $1 & then I framed them in Dollar Tree frames.
I love the way they fill up that blank space...and they just make me happy :)

View from the front of the room.

 Book center!  
My mission this year is to clean out all those books!
I have way too many, and I know there are some new teachers out there that would love to have them.
Plus, I'm starting to look a little like a book hoarder.
Not good.

More Ikea goodness - MB spray painted my old green chairs & I tied some ribbon around them to make sashes. :)

 My area.
I got rid of my desk last year, which has saved me so much space.
Now, this serves in its place, and it's where we meet for Guided Reading and Math. 
*Pardon the clutter... it's a work in progress!*

 Our Sky High Behavior Board.
I will post more on this later, but basically, each child has a cloud, and when a rule is broken, he or she has to put a clip on the cloud.  
The first three days of school were "freebie" days, but names will be on the clouds Monday morning! 

A place for Exemplary Work! 
I post everyone's work in the hallways, but I needed a space to showcase some fantastic work samples with commentary. My sweet, sweet friend and art teacher drew the frames for me, and I am in LOVE!
Aren't they precious!?!?!

A view of the back wall.  
It's my favorite. I love the blue!
It's looking pretty bare right now, but soon it will be full of kids' work & our calendar.

 Our meeting area. 
I went on a summer-long search for a cute rug to put there, but I just couldn't find the ones I wanted.
Still looking....

 And the other wall... Each child has their own cubby & I store all of our supplies in those black bins.
Plus, a LOT of stuff is on top of the shelves.
Yeah, that's another mission - Operation Clean Out so Not to be a Hoarder!
Or maybe I should just make some curtains to hide it?! haha :)

So, that's it!  Thanks for sticking around for all those pictures, and for taking this little tour with me!

I'm linking up with Just a Primary Girl for her School Tour linky, and she's having an awesome giveaway, too! Head on over & check out some other classrooms, and enter to win! :)  Just click the picture below!

I hope you're all having a wonderful "Back to School"! 
As always, thanks for stopping by! I promise to be back soon!:)

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  1. There is so much to love!!! Your green ikea chair redo!!! Love!!! I think you could totally paint those supply bins white! Of course I love the subway art!!! ;)
    Thank you for linking up. You have such a beautiful space!!!!

  2. Love your classroom! Would you be willing to share your black and white supply labels? The ones for base ten blocks, unifix cubes, etc.
    thank you.

  3. Your room looks great!!!! I'm going to steal your "highlight the name". That's a good idea!!
    Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

  4. A beautiful room by a beautiful person! Have a great year, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  5. Your classroom is just beautiful and so organized!

  6. Kelly, you can never have to many books! Your roomn looks beautiful! I love all the touches you added to make it so special for your class. The black and teal are simply elegant! Hope you have a great year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  7. I still love the black and white on your file cabinet and table from last year. Add the polka-dot carpet and the chalkboard banners, and it's fantastic! I hope you have a great year!

    First Grade Top Dogs

  8. I love your room! Love the colors, and LOVE the idea of real balloons on your door! It all goes so well together--fantastic job!
    Becky (Kinder Korner)


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