Friday, July 18, 2014

Five For Friday: Summer Slow Down!

Two posts in one week?? Yeah, I know.. I'm on FIRE! :)
I know I've been awful about posting this summer, but I have really been trying to soak up and enjoy every.   single.    minute of this break.

Last year, I was in school all summer & this time, I just wanted to do a whole bunch of NOTHING.

Which I have successfully accomplished.

This week, I received our "Welcome Back" letter from our principal, and it dawned on me that I have 10 days 'til I report for duty. Yikes!  Time to start thinking about school stuff, right?! :)

Today, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.... which is always a good time!
My week started at the beach... of course, we were loading up to leave it, but still, that's the way it started. My happy place... ahhhh.....We had sunny days, and then some crazy storm clouds that rolled in, and it was perfect.
 AND....  we found a gazillion sand dollars, which isn't all that common in the Gulf...and I got to see the GIANT Idaho potato! Yeah,'s the little things, people....

 I decided to tackle some of my "to do" list for school. So, I made my Glue Sponges.  I'm sure you've all seen these and Mr. Greg from the Kindergarten Smorgasboard made a great tutorial video about them, but I have to say I LOVE THESE THINGS! They were a lifesaver last year.  :)
 Clearly, when you hear that "Back to School" bell ringing in your head, it's time to go SHOPPING!  I've decided to do a little re-decorating this year... and I'm obviously adding some blue hues to the mix. I can't wait to actually get in my room & get started on it.  I'll post pictures soon, but isn't this the cutest stuff?? LOVE!
Since I did some shopping & loaded up on all things blue, I decided to make something I've had pinned FOREVER! Teaching with a Mountain View has this super cute organization idea for storing anchor charts. When I saw it, I knew I had to have one. In Love!  So, with a black trash can & some vinyl, I made one for myself! :)

 And lastly, because my week started at the beach, it's only fair that it ends there, too! Heading back in the morning for one last HURRAH before school starts.  That little arrow is right where my little ole' booty will be planted in the sand :)
Then, I come back and go to work... like immediately.... seriously.  
Summer obviously wasn't listening when I asked her to slow down.

I do hope you all are enjoying YOUR summers, and drinking up every last drop of awesome it has to offer.  Head on over to Doodle Bugs and link up YOUR pictures so we can all take a look :)

Oh, and lastly CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa, Hannah,and Cindy for winning my little "Pin It to Win It" Giveaway for my Back to School Lesson Plans! I hope you love them! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Looks like you have been busy this week! Once again, I love your glue sponges and I need to do this! :) Anchor Chart storage is a great idea, I'm sure you will be so thankful you did this! Have a great weekend!
    Kayla in the Classroom

  2. I am making glue sponges too!!! I just watched that video and could kick myself for not knowing abut this sooner! I only teach Science and we don't often need glue, but when we do it is purely aggravating! Can't wait to drag out the glue sponge containers!

    You notice I didn't mention your vacation. Too jealous!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  3. Have fun at the beach!!!! It's been overcast all day, but there hasn't been any rain. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. You are making me sooo excited for our beach trip next week with all your beach pics! Looks like fun!
    I also love your anchor chart trash bin! So cute!

  5. Hi Kelly! I wanted to let you know how much I loved using the chair pockets I made after seeing your tutorial last summer. I am NEVER going back to individual student book boxes. And they held up very well. I have them all washed and ready to use again this year. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

    Catherine First Grade Top Dogs


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