Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Working on It Wednesday {Linky Party}: Craft Binder

Ahhh, summer..... the time you get to just sit back, relax, kick your feet up, and... work??  What?!

   You  mean to tell me that teachers really DON'T take the whole summer off??

   Yeah, I had this conversation with someone the other day.  As if the beginning of the school year, and everything else our jobs entail, just magically happens in those leisurely (ahem!) pre-planning days we get. It's always amazing to me just how little anyone outside of this profession actually knows or understands about it.  

   Nope, most teachers work during the summer. Truth.
Speaking of working, today I'm linking up with Kim and Megan at KinderGals for "Working on It Wednesday"...because, honestly, we're all working on SOMEthing.  Home, school, or even working on that tan, you're doing something :)

Here in the south, we've had some pretty awesome thunderstorms roll through Today was no exception, so I decided to hunker down and cross something off my to-do list.... Craftivity Organization.

Yes, I said it.  Organizing those craftivities.

Throughout the year, I do hundreds of crafts. I think it's so important for my firsties to still practice a lot of cutting, pasting, and following directions.

But, those pieces...those patterns...well, they end up crammed in files and all over the place.

I decided I needed a system.  Enter the Craftivity Binder....
Now, I won't take all the credit for this because I know (think?) I have seen this or something similar somewhere else, and it got pushed to the back of my brain until this summer. But I can't find it anywhere.  Who knows?!  If you know, tell me.

Anyway, I took each of my crafts and made sure I had a model/pattern for it.  I always try to have one for the kids to see...
Then, I put each of the models in a heavyduty sheet protector, with the patterns and pieces behind it in the protector, and labeled it.
Next, I made a label for each craft letting me know how much paper I needed to pull to make each one.
So, when it's time for us to make ships, I know I will need to pull 24 pieces of red, 12 white, 8 blue, 8 black and 5 light blue to run copies.

I run all of my craft copies through our copier onto construction paper, so this will save me time. I can just pop out this ONE sheet protector full of everything I need, read my little label, and grab just the construction paper necessary for the copies.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, right?! I also think this will be perfect for getting stuff together for parent volunteers and helpers.

Lastly, I put my protectors in ABC order to put in the binder.
So many of my patterns are still at school, so I'm gonna have to sneak up there (we're not allowed in during the summer) and grab the rest of them to fill up the binder.

I know a lot of them are filed away in the depths of my file cabinet, so I'll have to wait 'til school starts, but I really think this organization tool will be a lifesaver after I get it all put together.

Can you tell I get excited about stuff like this?? :)

So, that's what I'M working on - what about YOU? I can't wait to read all about your summer livin..because, truthfully, even if we DO work all summer, it sure is awesome to do it on our own time!

Happy Wednesday, friends! :)



  1. What a great way to organize! I never know what to do with all those pattern pieces, but I love how you labeled yours! I have some items like stickers in page protectors (like stickers) and I put a little Velcro dot at the top to keep the page closed so nothing falls out.

  2. Hi Kelly! I love your craftivity binder idea!! Will definitely be implementing this idea once I find out where I will be teaching and what grade level! Bravo!!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  3. I love it! The labels on the outside make it so easy to see what you need even without taking out the pieces! Thanks for Linking Up!

  4. Such a good idea! Right now I store everything in monthly boxes, but I love the idea of a craft binder!

  5. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is such a great idea! I started doing a lot of craftivities towards the end of the year, and they probably are already lost in the jumble of things! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching In A Nutshell

  7. Genius! I should tackle all my files and do this. You're making me miss teaching little kids!
    I can't believe you aren't allowed up at your school during the summer. That would drive me bonkers. I sneak up there often to grab stuff. I don't stay long, but still....
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  8. My dear friend!!! Love your new blog design---I'm totally behind the times....slacker here. LOVE LOVE LOVE the craftiness of organizing your craftivities!! I totally need to do this....when..not sure...but this would make my life easier! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  9. Your new blog is fit for a queen. Love it. Keep up the good work, Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading


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