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Georgia Blog Hop: Mason Jars, Freebies & a Giveaway

It's time to teach the country about yes ma'am and y'all.
Down here in Georgia, we talk with a drawl.
We're bringing you some freebies as sweet as our tea.
Enter our contest, you might get some things free!


Hi Friends!
    This weekend, I am joining my fellow Georgia bloggers to share with you a little about where we're from, who we are, what we love, and, as always, something about teaching.  Naturally, we're also sharing some freebies, because we believe in showing that good ole' southern hospitality! Twenty-five teachers invite you to take a road trip through our southern, sit back & hop through our blogs to grab those freebies.

So, that's me....underneath that peach...where I live and teach right outside of metro Atlanta. I was born and raised in the south, but didn't move to the big ATL until after college and until I needed a J.O.B!  The traffic is atrocious, I won't lie, but the people are super nice, and I love, love, love my job. It all evens out in the wash, as they say, so I can't complain. 

Other than my job, there's a lot about the south that I also love....

For me..
I love Coca-Cola, which is made right here in Atlanta... I honestly drink Diet Coke like someone is about to take it away from me. It's a problem...I admit..and isn't that the first step? Oh, and there ain't nothing like Coke in a glass bottle... nothing.
I LOVE college football...even though I root for the VOLS and not the Dawgs.. I'm already counting down to football season :)

I love cotton fields, the smell of magnolias blooming, front porches, and the ocean...which is just a few hours away.
 And lastly, I love mason jars. Honestly, it's more like an obsession than just mere love. 

My favorites are the really old, antique kind with the metal lids...that are that awesome tinge of blue. I am on the constant search for those.... 
Aren't they gorgeous? Ahh... {swoon}.
 In fact, I just got these in the mail... Mason Jar Measuring Cups!!
 I swear these might be the cutest things I've ever seen.  

  Okay, okay, enough about  me...but speaking of mason jars, have you ever read the book Fireflies by Julie Brinkloe?  
I don't know about you, but I spent most of my summers as a kid running around the yard trying to catch lightning bugs in a jar.  I have such fond memories of this, and that might be why I am drawn to this book.  

It's a beautiful story of a little boy who catches lightning bugs in a jar with his friends, and believes he has "captured the moonlight". The writing and illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and if you close your eyes for just a moment, you can picture these children running and chasing after fireflies. You might even swear you can smell summer. Truly captivating. I love this book.

This text is absolutely PERFECT for a close reading. There is so much vocabulary, opportunities for visualizing, making inferences, and discussing plot, author's purpose, and comprehension strategies.

I always read this when we go back to school as part of our summer reflections. The kids tell about their summer memories, and I have the chance to tell them about some of mine.

We read this story as one of our first close reads, and it allows us to really dive into this book. 
Because it's the beginning of the year, one of the first activities I do with the book is identifying the beginning, middle and end, which is usually a review from kindergarten.
This activity allows me to kind of gauge their ability to sequence and retell, as well as their strengths or weaknesses in writing simple sentences.

We also discuss the moral or lesson of the story, and put the whole thing together into an accordion book. I do the taping, but I've also done it where we just staple it together.

Lastly, the kiddos get to make fireflies on the front of their mason jar. They just dip their little fingers into yellow paint and smoosh them onto the jar. 

When it dries, they draw little wings and faces.{My next door neighbor helped  make these super cute bugs!}

So, that's it.... my kiddos love it, and I hope yours do too. Just click {here} to grab the patterns for FREE! 
There's lots more freebies to be snatched up, so head on over to these other Georgia bloggers and grab 'em!  

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  1. I just relived part of my childhood through your post about the lightning bugs! Never heard of this book but I'm definitely lovin' what I read and your sequence freebie is perfect!
    And where oh where did you get those gorgie mason jar measuring cups...they'd fit into my kitchen perfectly :)

  2. What a perfect freebie!!! Goes right with our theme. How clever! Love it! Thanks sweet lady!

  3. Oh! And yes, coke is definitely a vital part of Georgia!!! Love your blog dearie!

  4. One of my most favorite memories at my grandparents' house in Georgia was catching fireflies. What a cute activitiy! I think I might do this with my 5th graders! I bet they would love it. I haven't had a Diet Coke since December 30th. I miss it SO much!!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. I love everything about your post...thinking about jars and bottles of Coke and fireflies and rocking chairs by the beach. We are surely blessed to live in the south! Jayne
    Smart Kids
    ABCs of Reading

  6. Wonderful post! And yes, coke sure is gooooood :)
    G-Iron Tutor

  7. Mmm I am a Coca Cola Classic addict! Yum. I want to count down until football season, but that means that summer is over... so I'm a little torn. I'm a Bama girl but my boyfriend is from Knoxville so sometimes I have to cheer for the Vols. ;)

    I love your freebie. Thanks!

    My Carolina Classroom

  8. What a cute activity! Gotta get that book! :)

    Prepping for the Primary Gridiron

  9. Mason jars were the theme for my wedding! They were everywhere! And, I'm pretty sure I need those measuring cups! Where can I get them??? Also, LOVE Fireflies! I use the book as a mentor text for launching writer's workshop, and for narrative writing! I'm so excited to scoop up your freebie!

    Theresa @ True Life I'm a Teacher!

  10. Thank you for the wonderful blog post and freebie! I am glad to hear that someone else has a love of mason jars. I have flowers in one right now - a blue one!

  11. I read your post before I left today to run errands. I stopped at Hobby Lobby and saw mason jars everywhere! Thought of you!

    Love your post, love Coke, love that you and I both teach first grade right outside Atlanta! Hope to meet soon!

  12. First, I love this post! I was born and raised in Tennessee and just moved to Georgia a few months ago (also on the blog hop - For the Love of Teaching!) so I am SO glad to see a fellow VOLS fan! GBO!!! I also LOVE mason jars and love to decorate with them! Just last night I stuck flowers in a few and put them around the house!

    I've never read the book, but I am very interested in it now! Thanks so much for the freebie!

  13. How cute - the mason jar idea!! My sister is moving out toward ATL (Alpharetta). So glad to have found you through our blogger hop!

    Kimberlee @ 2 Fulbright Hugs

  14. Love the fireflies! So southern- I am sitting here writing on my laptop and tons of fireflies flittin' past my floor length windows- Great idea for mason jars!

  15. Oh my goodness I love your post! My friends teaching first in summer school are doing this book! I need to tell them. I, too, have an obsession with mason jars. They are everywhere. In fact, when a glass breaks, I don't even care anymore because I am phasing them out and replacing my drinking glasses with mason jars. I must know where you got the measuring cups. I think my kitchen counter is waiting for them. Thanks again for sharing. This is going right at the top of my back to school list!
    Your fellow Atlantan,
    Lessons Learned

  16. Oh, I LOVE your freebie! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I'm right outside of Atlanta as well, and a diet coke and cotton field lover! My goal is to get family pictures done in a cotton field soon, they are gorgeous!!
    Teaching with Crayons and Curls

  17. Mmmm Coke hits the spot! I haven't found anyone south of me yet! Adorable freebie. Thanks for sharing!

  18. GO VOLS GO!!!!! I am from Knoxville, so my whole family bleeds orange! Definitely not very many of us down here :) My son went to the Coca-Cola factory last month and loved it. It made me realize I have lived in Georgia for over 20 years and I still have not been yet! It is now on my list for next summer!


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