Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday!!!

It's Friday!!!!  Yes, I'm yelling that. Loudly.
What a week. The kid are SO ready for spring break... and so am I.
One more week, more week...

Anyway, since it's Friday, it's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for her weekly linky....

Here's just a little peak at my week :)

If you've been reading any of my blog posts lately, we have been hunkering down with some opinion writing. There are so many books out there that lead into this type of writing, and this is one of my absolute favorites.
Duck! Rabbit!  is hilarious and so stinkin' cute. 
The kids have to decide whether or not the "character" in the book is a duck or rabbit.
Then, they had to write their opinion and tell me WHY they think what they think! :)
We have been building numbers to 120, and one of our favorite activities was building houses!  As with almost every single thing I do, we had to read a book.  We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and discussed the different houses each of the pigs built. Then, the kids had to build their own pig house using base ten blocks. We had been studying hundreds, so they got that concept & I let them use up to 3 hundred blocks, 9 tens and 9 ones.

Then, they wrote their "address" (the number they used to build the house) down and re-created their house using paper base ten blocks. Next week, we'll focus on even and odd, and use our houses to fill up "Even Avenue and Odd Street"! 

We did this last year, so if want to read more about this activity, you can read that original post {here}.
Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory blogged this week about the most AMAZING management tool - When I tell you it's amazing, trust me on this one.

It's FREE, which of course I love. GoNoodle is a site where you create a free account, and then everyday, you log in with your kiddos and do brain breaks!

There are zumba routines, Just Dance like activities, and even sporting events that will remind you of a Wii game. For example,the kids get a tutorial on a track event like the 100m hurdles, and they practice.... JUMP.

Then, they get to actually participate in a relay & the screen shows them their virtual score. Of course, they think they've really placed in the event, and they go nuts!  With every brain break, the class earns activity points, and levels up. It's AWESOME!!!

Most of the brain breaks are between 3-5 minutes, and it's perfect for that time in the day where your little ones need to get their wiggles out.

To learn more about it, go check out Kelley's post {here}.

You know me, I love some blogger inspired lessons!
This one comes from the incredible Cara at The First Grade Parade.

If you haven't read Hey, Little Ant!, you must! It's a story of a boy and an ant. The ant is trying to convince the boy not to squish him, and at the end of the book, the author leaves the decision up to the reader.

The kids wrote their OPINION of what they boy should do & then made this super cute craft.

Again, it's all FREE and on Cara's blog :)

And last, but certainly not least.... I got to spend some much-needed quality time with my oldest and dearest friend....
 We have been best friends for almost 25 years, and live 3 hours apart, so any time we get to hang out is a true blessing.  She took her sweet little girl on a mini-vacay to Atlanta for some American Girl shopping and LegoLand fun, so we managed to squeeze in some quality time. 

The picture is a little Throwback Thursday action for ya! We haven't aged THAT much, I dont think :)

And, this weekend, I get to spend time with my other best friend of 25 years... 
There's nothing like lifelong friends, and I'm so excited :)

So, that's it for me, friends. What a great...and BUSY...week!  
Head on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and link up.. I'd love to see what you've been up to :)

As always, thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love how you integrated literature into every other subject area. That is something I need to do more. I am sure building houses with the base ten blocks was a highlight for your kids.

    Also, this post is quite timely for me because we too are doing persuasive/opinion writing. I am going to check out your book suggestions.

    Compassionate Teacher


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