Thursday, February 6, 2014

TBT & A Valentine Mental Images Freebie!

Happy Thursday, Friends!
    After 3 snow days last week, we have been working hard to get back into the swing of things in first grade. And, we have a 3 day break coming up next week, so I'm not sure we're going to return to normal anytime soon. Add to that the super cold temps (read: no recess), and it's just been NUTS!

   So, we've been doing some fun things with mental images to get the kids engaged & create a little laughter, too. I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE teaching mental images or visualizing to the kids.

  First graders already come equipped with some amazing imaginations, so that just lends itself to some fun times and some great lessons, too!

   This week, we have been doing our mental images unit that I talked about a while back... so, I thought I'd do a little Throwback Thursday post. 

     Each day this week, we read a different poem and work on making "pictures in our brain". My former post that includes those poems can be found <here>.

   One of our favorite activities is with Deanna Jump's cute little freebie with My Neighbor's Dog is Purple.
(Super cute printable poem by O "FISH"ally a First Grader)

If you've never done Deanna Jump's activity, you should definitely check our her post  <here> and you can also grab her FaBuLouS freebie that I use with my kids.

My firsties absolutely LOVE this!  Of course they do - it's Deanna Jump!

Anyway, I cover up the last stanza of the poem & just read the first three parts. *MOST* of the kids have their eyes closed, but you know some of them are peeking out, so that's why I cover it up. 

The kids have to illustrate their mental image at the beginning of the poem.  Then, I uncover the bottom, and we read the whole poem together...and they illustrate their mental image at the end of the poem. The illustrations are absolutely precious and the kids always get a kick out of how the meaning of the poem changes from beginning to end.

So, since we had so much fun with Deanna's activity, I thought we'd keep going with the same idea and incorporate some Valentine's Day fun into it.

I found this super cute poem by Kenn Nesbitt, and knew it would be a perfect fit for our mental images unit.

Once again, I only read the first three stanzas to my kids, and had them illustrate their mental image.

Then, I read the last part, and they illustrated THAT mental image.

Of course, we did a lot of talking about how the poem changed from beginning to end, as well as how our mental images help us remember what we have read or heard.

This poem also includes some awesome vocabulary, so we spent a little time doing some "word talk"... enfold, smother, persisted, resisted.  Oh, how I love words!

The kids loved it & the porcupine talking to a cactus was hilarious!  Don't you just love the porcupine illustrations??  Too cute!

If you'd like the copy of the poem and the mental image sheet FREEBIE, just click the picture below...

So, there you have it.. A little Throwback Thursday, and some Valentine fun! I hope you can use the freebie, and your kids love it as much as mine did.

Next week, we're continuing our use of poems to assist us in reading while we work on FLUENCY!!  Eeek!  Just a three day week, so I'm hoping to make it fun and educational, too... wish me luck! :) Oh, and it's observation time, too.... we have 6 a year, and this will be #4.  You would think at this point, it would be "no big deal", but I still get the nervous tummy every. single. time.

So, for some positive thinking and all that good mojo that we all need sometimes, I just have to share another gem by The Kid President. This little guy makes my heart sing, and this video in particular is one I think we all need to watch... maybe more than once.. Enjoy & Happy Thursday! :)

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