Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reindeer Art - Last Minute Activity!

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.... and I'm loving it!

We only have 1 more day left & we have been busy, busy, busy...  Up to our eyeballs in crafts, and having so much fun getting ready for the holidays.

So much fun for most of us... sadly, the stomach bug and the dreaded FLU have both reared their ugly heads in my school this week, and the kids are dropping like flies. 

Bellyaches, pukers, fevers... no fun at all, and I'm THIS close to wearing a haz-mat suit to school tomorrow.


Anyhoo, we did this super fun activity today & I just had to share with you...

Our art teacher made these with the kids last year, and they just turned out so darn cute, I had to try recreating the awesomeness this year. I'm not sure where the original idea came from, but if it's somewhere out there, and deserves a shout out, please let me know....

Warning - I am NO art teacher -  I just had to wing it. But, check out our Watercolor Reindeer!
This activity is LOW prep...
White construction paper (the construction paper works a lot better than regular copy paper, just FYI)
Black & white crayons

 We did this as a guided art activity whole group & I presented the steps on the Document Camera, modeling each step and having them do it along with me on their own paper,
but you could also present the steps using these pictures below, or in a small group.

 This was their FAVORITE part.... they were just so excited when they snowflakes "magically" appeared!
And I loved how different they all turned out... 
I just had to keep repeating - more water, less paint...more water, less paint...
Total time - about 30 minutes!

To be honest, this was our very first project with watercolors this year, and I was so proud!!

Just take a gander at all this cuteness!!
There are 15 paintings here... I have 22 children.
You do the math.

The Haz-Mat suit is looking more & more appealing.

Anyway, my teacher neighbor was smart enough to think ahead & buy cheap plastic picture frames from the DollarTree to send these home as gifts, and they turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!

I think the parents will love these as is, but next year, I'm definitely buying the frames. :)

So, that's it for me tonight... hope you are surviving the craziness that is the last week before Christmas break, and you are soaking up all the fun & fabulous memories.



  1. Thank you so much! I needed a quick art activity for tomorrow and this will work perfectly! I really appreciate the step by step pictures because I too am not an artist.
    PS-I'm your newest bloglovin follower :)
    More Than Math by Mo

  2. HazMat! Love that reference! I had one girl yesterday walk right over the trash can, puke, and come right back. When I told her to go down to the nurse, she said, Oh No, I can't miss doing my projects!! I was totally impressed with this sweet little cookie and her diehard attitude! Your reindeer are absolutely gorgeous! Stealing for next year!! Merry Christmas my sweet friend! We can catch up on our gossip over break!


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