Monday, November 11, 2013

Packing our Bags for the Mayflower!

393 years ago today, the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts.
Yep, 393 YEARS ago this very day....on November 11, 1620!

What a perfect day to explore the Mayflower & the Pilgrim's journey to America, right?!

Here's an easy little activity to go with your Thanksgiving unit & makes that real world connection with the kids about the journey the Pilgrims took so long ago....

It's not easy to explain to first graders just how long ago 393 years actually is, so finding a visual to help out is always a plus. Have y'all ever used the Scholastic site for learning all about Thanksgiving?? Love, love, love it !! 
It's perfect for exploring the ship...the voyage...the daily life of the Pilgrims & Wampanoag Indians, as well as the first Thanksgiving feast!  Click the picture to check it out :)

Anyway, today, we started with the Mayflower... did you know it took them almost 3 MONTHS to get to America?  3 months on that little Talk about cabin fever!!

So, we tracked the journey & the kids went CRAZY when they realized there were no bathrooms or showers aboard this not-so-fancy ship. Haha!

After the laughter and the "ewwwwww"s subsided, we really got to talking about what it would be like to take that long of a journey and know you were never coming back...

What would you pack?
What would you leave behind?
What would you NEED?  What would you WANT?

It was too funny...and hear about what the kids thought they would need on their long trip.  So, when our brainstorming session and discussion ended, we made our suitcases to "pack" for our voyage!

Then, the kids each got 2 sheets of paper to fold into fourths & write and illustrate the top 8 things they would want to bring along. 
*We talked about just how little space there was aboard the ship, so 8 seemed like a good number*

I loved seeing what they came up with !
 I was so proud of this little firstie ... the only one who thought she would definitely need a map...
and her Mom!

 When this one wrote "shoes", she said " I mean, I can't live without my's a NEED!!"
A girl after my own heart!
 Yep, this little guy wanted to make sure he brought his teeth!
And he was dead serious about it.... hilarious!
And, I'm so glad this fella remembered his underwear... I mean, think about it, right?! :)

When they had finished their illustrations, they cut them apart and "packed" their suitcase...ready for travel !

Anyway, the kids LOVED this little activity & it was so cute watching them walk around with their little "suitcases" and talking about their upcoming journey aboard the Mayflower. 
Yay for real world connections!!

If you'd like to make these little gems, here are the super simple directions... 
I'm sure you don't need them, but just in case :)
 *Don't look at the nails... it's just bad, bad, bad... horribly embarrassing....and I have an appointment TOMORROW!*

So, that's it friends... keeping it simple tonight, but I wanted to share this little easy activity for your Thanksgiving studies!  Have a happy Monday...and an even happier Tuesday! :)

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. How adorable! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to pin this and use it the same idea for my unit on Ellis Island and immigration!
    Short and Sassy Teacher


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