Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling a little ODD...or is it EVEN? Plus, a freebie!

It's beginning to feel a lot like.... Winter?
So, as anyone in the south knows, the weather down here is as unpredictable as...well... Miley Cyrus? 
Yeah, it's crazy, friends... on Monday, it was 70 degrees.
     Kids wore shorts to school...we had some sweaty kiddos at recess...and jackets were stuffed in bookbags instead of being put on bodies.

Today?  We woke up to a breezy 27 degrees.  BRRRRRR!!!!  My little firsties were bundled up like the kid from a Christmas Story & the kids... yes, the KIDS voted to stay inside for recess. 

Plus, our principal gave us a "free jeans" day because it was so stinkin' cold this morning.  I have to say "jeans day" makes for a much happier teacher! Not "twerking" happy, but pretty darn excited, that's for sure!

I read about other folks that get to wear them all the time, and all I have to say to that is ....
So there!

Anyway, this weekend, it's supposed to be back close to 70, so we're all feeling a little ODD- a little "what in the world am I going to wear" odd - and I'm definitely read for it all to EVEN out. Just pick one, Mother Nature..just pick!

So, now that you've made it through my weather rants, let's talk about more odds & evens...

Some odd and even numbers!

We have really been working on sorting numbers by even & odd & I came across this super cute activity that I had to share!

First, we started with ONE HUNDRED post-it notes labeled from 0- 100!  
 That's a lot of stickies!  I put them up all over the room & then divided the kids into two teams -
The Evens and the Odds

Each team had their own cheer to get started..
0,2,4,6,8...even numbers are great, great, great!

1,3,5,7,9...odd numbers every time!

Then, I explained to the kids that there were Number Ninjas!
They had to go around the room on a Scavenger Hunt and find all of THEIR numbers.

The Evens could ONLY pick up even numbers.
The Odds could ONLY pick up odd numbers.

And, because there were ninjas, they had to be very quiet!
Folks, this worked like a CHARM! 
Seriously, I just sat back and soaked up the quiet cooperation :)

So, on their mark, get set, and GO! The kids were off, grabbing numbers, and sorting them on their assigned tables...The evens had a space & the odds a different one.
 The Odds!
The Evens!  
Whoops! There's a problem.... 

After all the kids had all the numbers sorted for their teams, went back to their huddles for number talks, I set the timer for 2 more minutes, and they had to go back and find any mistakes that were made.
(Out of 100 stickies...only 3 were out of place...woo hoo!)

Then, the ninja teams had to put their numbers in order from least-to-greatest.

After all the stickies had been ordered...the kids got to cut & paste their own odds and evens.
This was a great little assessment to check for individual understanding and mastery of the concept.

I put them together front-to-back so we could hang them from the ceiling.
Simple, yes, but the kids really had fun with it!

The Number Ninja Hunt was the biggest hit of the day, so I'm sticking that in the "Win" column :)
 Click the picture for the Odd & Even FREEBIE!!

 Yesterday, we also made this little Even & Odd Turkeys, so if you want them one, click this picture :)
We are quickly running out of construction paper, so I ran these on white & let the kids color them.
They really are a lot cuter on construction paper, but a teacher's gotta do what a teacher's gotta do.
Can't run of construction paper before Christmas!! haha :)

Alrighty friends, hope you can use these little freebies & hope the activity goes as well for you kiddos as it did for mine!  Happy Wednesday & here's to some "normal" weather, too!!

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  1. OMG! I am obsessed with your brilliant ideas! I can't wait to do these both! Thank you so much, Kelly! You are genius!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  2. Love the odd and even freebie...thanks so much!!
    Just Reed!

  3. Love this freebie! thanks so much! we just started following your blog. we would love if you checked out our new blog and would follow also! thanks so much =)

  4. I guess I'm a little behind, just now finding this post. :) I love it, though, and I've posted it on my FB page too.

  5. I just found this and am SO excited to try it with my kiddos this week! I call them my "math ninjas" so they are going to totally buy into it! Thanks for the freebie too!

  6. Great ideas- thanks for sharing:-)

  7. I am going to share this with my second graders! This will be fun!

  8. Thanks for sharing ...Great idea...:)

  9. Definitely engaging and fun..can't wait to try it out with my kids!


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