Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Bowl, Let's Bowl... Let's Subtract??

Okay, now I'm singing it.. "Let's Bowl.. Let's Bowl... Let's Rock n' Roll".... la lalala  la laa
I don't know about you, but Grease and Grease II are permanent fixtures in my brain as I just couldn't get enough of them when I was a kid.

I can literally recite both of them verbatim. Which is sad.  But true. 
Maybe I shouldn't have shared that fantastic (albeit strange) tidbit about myself, but hey, why not?! Right?! :)

Anyway, we have been working with our Number & Operations unit, and this week has been all about introducing and working with subtraction.This year,my little ones need ALL the concrete representation the can get.

We started with this awesome activity from Teacher Tipster.. Haunted House Subtraction!
I had to use his picture from Facebook because *duh* I forgot to take my own.

So, I grabbed one of these Haunted House boxes from the Dollar Tree, and then we put bats and/or spiders in  the box, and pretended that "some" got away. We would then write the equation to go with what happened. The kids had a blast, so thank you, Mr. Tipster!! He first mentioned to use this with missing addend, but it can really be used for anything, and it's made a great center, too, for creating equations..

Now..    on to the bowling. :)
So, in the gym the other day, I noticed that our Coach had a whole basket full of bowling pins & balls. Then, LIGHTBULB!!!! Hands-on Subtraction!!
He graciously allowed me to borrow them, and here's what went down...
 We made a bowling alley in our classroom!!!

Then, they kids each took a turn bowling...

We all counted how many pins we started with, how many we knocked down,and how many were left....

The kids then went to the Promethean Board and wrote their equation.
 I originally planned for every child to write down the equation on their white board, but I had forgotten that I loaned those out, so onto Plan B!

After everyone had their turn, we went back to our desks and created our own subtraction bowling problems in our Interactive Math Notebooks...
We are LOVING our Interactive Notebooks.... they are are the BEST thing I have done  
in a long time & I just love having a portfolio of progress right at my fingertips..and theirs!

They've been great for parent conferencing, small group interventions, and (should I say it??) less papers
in the basket to grade. Yippeee!!

If you'd like a copy of the sheet we used, you can click the above picture, and grab it for FREE.
There are two sheets so you can make it into a worksheet, or copy for your notebooks :)

So, my love of Grease II has proven to be a great thing for teaching subtraction. AND, I couldn't believe how many kids had never been bowling. :(

If you don't have bowling pins and balls around your school or at home somewhere, they're pretty inexpensive on Amazon, & I know they have them at WalMart, too :)

They kids had a blast, and I've already had to promise to start our lesson on Thursday with MORE bowling! I'm thinking we're gonna put up different numbers of pins to create equations  - there's just so much you could do with this!

Oh, and before I go..
  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we had our Pumpkin Auction this past Friday for our Charlie Brown Fall Festival... 

 Well... here's our class pumpkin...
And I'm SO happy to report that it brought in $80 at our auction!!!
WOW, right?!!?! All proceeds go to our school's PTA, which is awesome. 
Do y'all do something like this at your school??

Well, that's it for me tonight, friends. I hope your week is going WONDERFULLY, and as always, thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Absolutely love the idea of bowling subtraction!!! How cute. And Snoopy? Adorable!! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten


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