Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DaZzLe Words, Part II - Synonym Style!

It's finally October!!  YAY!!
October is my most favorite month in the whole wide world... and I just love every single thing about it. The weather, the smells, the festivals, the fairs....and the learning!  My firsties are finally getting the hang of it all (finally!),and this is the time of year when everything starts running a little smoother and we have time to focus more time on our lessons.  Love love love.

We are moving right along with our Word Choice unit, and I have to say, the kids are loving it...and learning, too!  If you missed yesterday's post, you can check it out <here>, but basically we kicked off our Word Choice unit with a song and some writing with DaZzle words...or words that  make our writing more interesting.

Today, in the midst of all the other first grade happenings, I kept overhearing the kids using DaZzle words while they were talking... One kid looking at another's work said, "oh, you did such a good job". Another one piped up and said, "oh, I think you did a spectacular job...isn't that a better DaZzle word?" haha!!

Anyhoo.... today, we continued our focus by introducing synonyms..

We read Pog by Lyn Lee...another great monster book with some awesome vocabulary...
It's about a monster who isn't afraid of ANYthing....anything, that is, except children.  It's too cute, and the kids really got a kick out of it.

We reviewed our Word Choice song from yesterday, & introduced synonyms...

    Then, we brainstormed a list of words from the book & identified synonyms for those words....
Excuse the awesome handwriting... I'm still not good at writing sideways...
 not sure I'll ever master that one....

We used our Anchor Chart to keep our discussion going about synonyms, and the kids came up with some really great ones...

After doing some work with synonyms, the kids made their own monsters & identified two words to go with it...

I think they did a really great job, especially considering this was our first try at those tricky synonyms. 
I should also mention we just use this unit to introduce these words, and we revisit and master (fingers crossed!) them later in the year.

Either way, fun day all around, and my firsties LOVED making their little monsters.

*The monsters came from Miss Kindergarten's idea & craftivity
. You can read more about her ideas {here}!

   Well, that's it for me, friends... Keeping it short because that "to do" list is calling my name.  Plus, I have to teach a half day professional development tomorrow afternoon, which means sub plans.  Fun fun!

   Hope your week is going SPECTACULARLY & you're enjoying this awesome October!! 

Happy Fall Y'all !!! :)

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