Friday, September 20, 2013

THREE? for Friday? Tall Tales, Math Notebooks Freebie, and Spelling

Happy Friday, Friends!!!
This week has been a long one... A fun one, but a long one.
So, this ole' teacher is happy and ready for the weekend :)

I'll be honest, I had every intention of linking up with Five for Friday, but I have been a bad blogger with not having my camera with me, so I didn't have 5 things to link up. So, I'm sticking with three REAL ones...and a couple more to make sure I follow the rules :)

This week, we finished up our Tall Tales unit. Last week, it was all about Johnny Appleseed, and because the kids always have so much fun with him and apples, we always turn it into a week (or two!) long unit.  The rest of our tall tales include Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Davy Crockett and Annie Oakley according to our state standards.

We read books for each one, make characteristic charts, and complete our tall tale booklets. This year, though, I came across the CUTEST craftivities from Teacher's Clubhouse on TpT.... and I just had to have them.

Aren't they precious?? The kids had a BLAST with these every day, and it was our first time with "was, could, have" (is, can, have), and I think they did pretty good.
*Note - Yes, I am aware that John Henry is African American.... he accidentally got copied on manilla paper and I couldn't go back and remake them :(  I hate that he's represented incorrectly, and we definitely focused on how JH was an African American hero. Just had to share my mistake :(

You can grab the packet by clicking the link above.  The set includes Annie Christmas, so we just used that pattern for Ms. Oakley , and the kids just colored a target to represent her abilities as a sharpshooter.

Okay, now onto our weekly math...
We have really been working with ten frames, and then onto counting on...

Today, the lesson focused on counting on AFTER grouping objects into tens, and counting on from there...

So, we read the book Corduroy, which happens to be one of my favorite books from when I was a kid....

As I'm sure you know...Corduroy is a little bear that has lost the button to his overalls & he goes on a search for it in a department store..

So, after reading, I had the kids count all the buttons we had on our clothing today...and come pick up cut-out buttons....

I love my hole puncher... I used it for the eyes on the crafts, too.
Anyway, the kids came and picked up their circles and made them into "buttons".

Then, they came up and glued all their buttons to our classroom chart...

We then counted and grouped them into TENS!
  *I'll be honest here... I had NO Idea we would end up with that many goal was less than 99 but we had to go with it! haha!

Once we counted them all up, we had 11 groups of TENS, and 1 we reviewed counting to 120 to match our Common Core Standard and just went with that...

THEN, we read A Pocket for Corduroy & repeated the same activity with pockets ( I just KNEW we'd have less pockets than buttons!haha)

This worked more like the plan... and was PERFECT for moving into our place value unit next week.

Overall, our class chart looked like this...

Lastly, we dove right into our first try with interactive Math Notebooks with this activity...

The kids had their own pockets to cut & paste into their notebooks, and then circle to group the tens & identify their number..
 You can click the picture to download the activity AND the pockets I used for the above activity :)  
Because, of course, I forgot to take a picture...arghhh !
I've uploaded the latest FREE Cut-Apart Spelling for Unit 2.
The spelling words are based on Reading Street, but you could incorporate it into any word work, as the words are based on spelling patterns. 

Click the picture to go grab it for FREE in my TpT store...the directions for how to complete the activities are there, as well. :)

Shameless plug... and a stretch for a #4.... I've also uploaded my most recent math centers... PB&J Centers for practicing Part-Part-Whole and matching numbers to ten frames & number words....AND word problems. Click the picture to check it out...

Hoping you all have an awesome weekend, and as always, thanks for stopping by!!! :)


  1. Hey! I found your blog from the Doodle Bugs linky. If I taught I younger group, I would so be using that Corduroy lesson! Interactive: check, integration: check, AND it's cute: check! Those are the best kind! :)

  2. Love all the ideas in this post...we have been working on making groups of ten and counting on too! I love the tie to Corduroy. Have a great weekend!
    Two Friends In First

  3. Great activities! Makes me want to move back up to first grade. :0)


  4. Love the Tall Tales cute! Have a great weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies


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