Monday, September 30, 2013

DAZZLE Words Writing & a FREEBIE for you!

Is it really almost October??  Holy schmoly!
I have been a bad blogger, and no matter how many times I keep writing it, I can't seem to get in the swing this year.  Does anyone else's "to do" list continue to grow...and grow...and grow??
 But, regardless of my neverending list, I took the weekend off and just had some fun.  Well, mostly off - do we ever really not do ANYthing?  It was a nice break, though, but now I'm in hyper overdrive trying to tackle that darn list!

Anyway, enough of my venting....
Today we had a great time diving right into our Dazzling Monster Word Choice Unit!  We usually save this 'til closer to Halloween, but we've got big plans to do our Wizard of Oz unit so we can dress up like the characters for our dress up day, so it was decided we would kick off October with this fun writing unit.

Day 1??  Monster Mischief !!
If you do not have this in your collection... RUN, don't walk.. to your nearest bookstore...or click, click away to Amazon and grab it. It is always a HUGE hit with the kids, and the vocab in this baby is just wonderful for introducing DaZzLe Words! :)

It does mention Halloween, so if you're not quite ready for all that madness, you can save it for later in the month, but it seriously is a fun book.

Anyway, we started with our Word Choice Song from the 6+ Traits of Writing...

Then, we read the book and talked about how the author using DaZzLe words to make the book more exciting!
Then, we took two of our most commonly used words in our writing - big and walk - and brainstormed a list of DaZzLe words that would make our writing more interesting...
The kids did such a great job coming up with these words... Massive and Colossal??  Yeah, that was ALL them and not me!!  We put an * there because they were AH-Mazing words!

After brainstorming some words, the kids took a regular ole sentence ...
    We can walk to the patch and maybe we'll see a big pumpkin
and rewrote it using our DaZzle Words! 

Love, love, LOVE! 
They did such a great job & it was such a great way to introduce using DaZzle words in our writing :)

You can get your own FREE copy of this activity by clicking the picture below :) 

This really was a fun activity & one that could be used in K, 1 or 2 - great way to introduce word choice, and a fun way to kick off October, too :)

As always, thanks for stopping by & I hope you can use this little freebie. I will post more of our writing unit as we go along.... :)

Happy October...almost !


  1. Know the feeling of taking back some time then paying for it later by being super busy. However, it's totally worth doing anyway! May your time be productive and your free time be plentiful.
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. Girl...totally busy here too.....I shouldn't be blog stalking but I am....sometimes you just have to chill! :)

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. I just looked on Amazon for this book....I was sorta surprised to see the hard cover was over $100. but paperback was a penny or it must be a good one!

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