Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#SLANTbox Goodness & A FREEBIE!!

Hi Friends !!
   So, today was our 15th day of school, and I realized that Progress Reports go home next week. WhAt?!  We have been testing... testing....and testing some more, and just this week did we actually dive right into some actual teaching and learning, and now I have to do progress reports. Will I ever, ever feel like I'm actually AHEAD of the game?! haha :)
Anyhoo.... in the midst of ALL this craziness, I got my SLANTbox in the mail today!!!  YAY!! :)

Do you know about #SLANTbox??
  It's this fabulous exchange where you are paired with other teachers, bloggers, admins, or coaches (whichever you are!), and each month, you get to know each other through email or whatever you choose. Then, close to the end of the month, you grab up a few things (based on a monthly theme) and send them to your SLANT Buddy!!  

   You get to know TWO fabulous new people - one that you will send to...and the other that will send to you!

   So, this week, I got my #SLANTbox from my sweet friend, Brittany at Britt's First Grade Bliss... and I am SO excited... Check out my goodies :)
Can you say Chevron Love?? Oh yes, a chevron pen, a super cute bag, yummy smell good lotion, some fabulous sticky notes, and...wait for it...a chevron infinity scarf.  Um, yes, please!!! :) THANK YOU, Brittany!!!

    My box shipped out yesterday & I hope my buddy loves all her goodies, too...
Eeek... So exciting!

So, if you haven't heard of #SLANTbox, and want to learn more about the rules & sign up.... head on over to Lessons With Coffee. You have until Sept 3rd at 11:59 to sign up, so go!!
Oh, and you sign up monthly, so you don't have to commit to every single month...whatever works for you. It's so much fun! :)

Allright, now on to the promised FREEBIE. We have been working with nouns the past week, and I wanted a simple sorting center for them to work on. We're just now rolling out centers, so I needed something that could be done independently, and was educational, too.  So, I made this little chevron sort (imagine that?!), and thought I'd share...
Just click the picture to go to my TpT store & grab it.
If you download, please leave feedback. I'd really appreciate it :)

Also, my September homework pack is up on TpT, too. I've had such great feedback from August, and I'm so exciting to roll out the new one.  You can get some freebies (a weeks worth!) in the preview, so head over to download it :)

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!!  I'm hoping to finally be back into the swing of this bloggy thing. I've really missed it.  I hope you have an awesome HUMP DAY!!


  1. I love all the chevron! My partner sent me chevron letter stickers which I just LOVE! :) It's so much fun seeing everyone's goodies!

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So cute, loving seeing all the creative gifts the teachers have sent! First quarter mid-term reports are so challenging, tough to gather grades and beginning of the year data, set up procedures, and introduce concepts while gathering grades. Good luck!

  4. Holy cow! Progress reports already!?!?!? WE haven't even started yet! Yikes!

    I love, love, love that scarf and love to see that you had so much fun!

    Hope to see you back on the sign up for September!
    Lessons With Coffee 


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