Sunday, August 18, 2013

Come "Sale" Away with Me!!!

I'm sure you've heard, but today & tomorrow, TpT is hosting the BIGGEST sale of the year. Most of your favorite TpT sellers have marked their stuff down 20%...and then TpT is adding another 8% to that...that's almost THIRTY PERCENT OFF!!  Woo hoo!!

I know my wish list is longer than my arm...and yours..combined, so I can't wait to start filling up my cart with goodies.

I try not to use up my bloggy space with plugs for my stuff because it drives me crazy when every time I check a blog, it's just an ad for their staff (sorry...not trying to be offensive). But, I did want to share just a couple things...

1) My August homework packet has gotten SUCH a great response, and is my best seller this month. And.... to answer many of your questions, YES, I plan on making them for every month through May.  It is Common Core aligned, and will build throughout the year....
Just click the picture to check it out...and YES, it's on sale!
I am already working on September, too...

2) My newest product is all about plurals... so Put a Pencil in Your Pocket, and check this out ...

Click the picture to link to my TpT

I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support of my blog & TpT store... I can't tell how much it's appreciated.  And, sorry for being such a bad blogger lately.. you know how "back to school" is... Exhausting!!!

Happy Weekend...and even happier SHOPPING!!!!

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