Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is It Already That Time??? And Some Homework for Ya!

Oh wow... time sure is moving way too fast for me
Is it already time to go back to school?? Yikes!

I have exactly 6 days of freedom left....and one of those I have to present at our New Teacher Orientation, so I wouldn't necessarily call it freedom.

I've been spending my time shopping...YAY SHOPPING...and FINALLY working on some TpT stuff. I have definitely been a slacker!

So, I'll be honest - I'm not really ready for school to start back. (Warning: Debbie Downer time...)
  I love my late mornings/early know, the kind withOUT an alarm clock...ahhhhh
  I love my eat lunch whenever, use the bathroom whenever I feel the urge & I don't have to cram those necessities into whatever little time I might get that day.

  I can wear flip flops every.  single.  day.    We can't wear them to work, so my love of flip flops is even stronger.

  I love not knowing if it's Tuesday or Saturday,... all the same to me!

But, it's time... and I DO love my job.  So, today's trip to Target (and all the awesomeness that place beholds) has actually got me more excited about returning to the world world...check out this booty!
   What you see here is just happiness! GOODBYE, Debbie Downer!!!

       Chevron Washi Tape. (what, WHat?)...  Chevron G2 Pens (my fave!).... SCENTOS pens (who knew?!)...  magnetic contact paper (how cute!), giant paper clips on stands (cause I need these, for sure)...and the list goes on & on.

  Yay for going back to school.... wow, how my attitude is already changing :)

  I've also been working on my August homework packet for TpT.  I got such an amazing response to my Summer Common Core packet, and my weekly homework freebies that I thought I would create a MONTHLY pack of weekly homework.... and I did :)

So, here's how this works. ...for me, anyway.
   I send home weekly homework on Mondays...and it's due on Fridays.  That means I only check homework on Fridays..easy peasy, lemon squeezy. It sure makes my life better.

  Anyway, this pack has FOUR days of homework for FOUR weeks. It's divided up by week & day...

It's also Common Core aligned for both math and language arts...

And, it includes a parent letter & weekly student checklist with place for spelling words.
I staple the checklist to the front of the homework & students have to "check off" what's completed. We send home spelling homework and sight words, too, so that's why it's on there.  Then, I write the weekly spelling words on the bottom, which the parents can either leave there & cut off and keep. 

When the week is over, the kids turn in the whole packet... signed by the parent(s)...and I check for completion (we don't take homework GRADES, just completion).

I initial the checklist, pull it off, and keep for homework documentation. Yay!

So, that's it... a whole month's of homework done, and done!

If you'd like to check it out, click <HERE>!

Allright, time for some more shopping...  I'm so jealous of all of you who get money from your schools or from your PTA/PTO... unfortunately, we don't get any of that, but apparently, that hasn't stopped me yet! ha!   Off to find some of that super cute chevron border I keep seeing. Must. Have.

And, to make these...
A Rocky Top Teacher came up with these little beauties & I've got to make them. It's just super cute chevron paper in your plain ole' pen & VOILA... instant cuteness!  Yes, please! 
She posted them on Instagram today, and if you're not following her, you MUST... so cute!

And if you're not following me on Instagram, I sure would love it if you would ! Just click the little icon on the right sidebar!

Okay, so I'm all sorts of random today, so thanks for sticking with me.....AND, as always, thanks for stopping by!! :)


  1. I love this packet! I do homework weekly too and it is definitely the way to go! I have a question though, is your homework aligned to what you are learning at that time? I send home worksheets that correlate with our math program or spelling sheets I create with our spelling words so there is never a time (even though it always happens) where the parents/and students can't say I haven't taught them that. I love your idea and packet I'm just wondering if it would work for someone like me....if that makes any sense! Coffee hasn't kicked in yet! Haha

  2. Now I will have to make a trip to our Target for those big paperclip stands. We sit in groups, and whenever I pass out papers someone inevitably takes two and someone is without...which they never find out until they go home to do it, SO...this year I thought I would make a paper passer at each table. They could have this paperclip on their desk, I set the pile of papers on their desk and they give ONE to each person. Thank you so much for helping me regain my sanity, in advance!

  3. Girl, I saw those chevron G2 pens weeks ago and had to snatch them up! Glad they still had some for you. I will definitely miss keeping track of days and staying up way too late having sleepovers with the TV. ENJOY your last few days!

    For the Love of First Grade

  4. I L.O.V.E my flip flops too and we have not been able to wear them for the past few years. But we have a new principal this year and fingers are crossed that that changes! Enjoy your last days of freedom! I go back two weeks from tomorrow. :(

    Fun in First Grade!

  5. Your are amazing!
    Grad work AND a new homework packet?
    I am starting to feel like I should be doing MORE than watching movies and soaking up the sun!
    Great job Kelly!


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  7. Just wishlisted your oh so cute homework pack!!
    Thanks for your hard work!
    A Burst of First

  8. Just downloaded your homework pack! I will be waiting anxiously for the next one. Thank you!


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