Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm Bacccckkkk.... for Favorite Pins Friday!

Hi Friends...
   I'm back...and I have been a bad, bad, blogger. It's been two weeks since I've posted,and I honestly feel awful about it. I'm been so bogged down with grad work, and then I took a very MUCH needed vacation to the beach for 9 long days. It was fabulous!  This was my view...

   I've always said I could live at the beach, but I realized last week that if I did... I wouldn't get ANY work done. None. Nada. :)

   Anyway, so I got back from the beach and went to visit my parents. When I walked in the door, this is what I saw....

Is this the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Yeah, it is. :)

So, while I was at the beach, the most wonderful parents ever (ok, I'm biased, but still...) got my rocking chair all finished. Dad got all the stripping, sanding & repainting done while Mom worked super hard on my super cute new cushions.

Hello Chevron!! :)  They are both very crafty and talented, that's for sure. I was so excited, I literally almost peed my pants.

Anyway, now that I've shared my recent most prized possession, it's time to link up with The First Grade Parade for Favorite Pins Friday!! I'm almost late, but not quite...
 Favorite Teaching Pins...
  Mr. Greg at Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten is a genius!!  I am so excited to make these. I swear my kids eat glue sticks...or a ninja comes in at night to sell them on the black market. Either way, they last like 36 seconds, and I am so excited that someone has figured out a solution to this problem. I think I could buy a new house with the $$ I've spent on glue!  There's a YouTube video link on here, too, so you can see exactly how to make them. Yay!

A magnetic curtain rod for holding anchor charts. Um, yes please!  I've read some reviews & many say that the Wal Mart brand doesn't have really strong magnets, but that the ones from Lowe's really hold well. Heading that way this weekend. Isn't this an awesome idea??  Thanks, Sugar & Spice!

Another fabulous idea for a magnetic curtain rod... I mean, how cute & inviting is this?? 
The idea comes from Mrs. Guntorius' First Grade.

UCreate came up with this fabulous and super cute idea. I've already bought my lazy susan from Ikea & can't wait to make one. I'm thinking it will be great for having the kids choose their rewards for "above and beyond" behavior... I'm not sure yet, but I am in LOVE with this idea!  Click the link for the tutorial :)

For the home....
 The clutter on my fridge drives me crazy, but honestly, I've just let it stay that way. 
This pin has given me new inspiration! Dollar Tree frames - easy and CHEAP!

This is from Etsy (click the link), but I'm already working on my own version. We took down part of an old fence & the boards have just been lying around. I can't wait to repurpose them into this... and it will be perfect for my spare bedroom re-do. Yay! 

So, onto food.... how could I resist?
     If I actually spent as much time cooking as I do pinning yummy recipes, everyone would be a lot happier, I'm sure... Anyway, here's my recent faves...
Peanut butter bars.... just like they used to serve in school lunchrooms. Can't have them anymore because of all the allergies, but, boy, do I miss them?! I'm hoping these turn out HALF as yummy as I remember.

Cheese? Bread?  Together ? Sign me up!

Ok,so it's WAYYYY too hot to even think about chili, but I can't wait to try this in the fall.. mmmmm.....

Lastly, a little funny that hits WAY too close to home..
 Yeah, I'm doomed... 

So, that's it for me, friends. I'm so happy to be back & can't wait to see everyone's favorite pins :) 

I really miss the beach... can I go back now??  Ahhhhhh.....

 Happy Weekend!!  Only a week and a half 'til it's time to go back to school. Wow... time sure is flying by!


  1. Kelly your chair is GORGEOUS! You're parents are rockstars (no pun intended haha)! I love the pic of you and your manfriend! You both look so tan and happy! The beach did you good girlfriend! :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  2. I saw this sign today on Crayons and Whimsy Blog and thought of it as I read your post. "Pinning teaching ideas should get you some kind of professional credit" Don't we wish! Your chair looks spectacular. Good job mum and dad!!

    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  3. Your mom and dad rock! That chair is fantastic!

  4. Kelly, glad you had so much fun at the beach! Your chair is beautiful! What sweet parents you have! Love all of your pins. I think I am going to head to Lowe's too and buy a magnetic rod. Love that idea!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  5. So jealous of your chair! It turned out amazing! Gotta love moms who can sew! My mom makes me new curtains every few years when I get the urge to change things up.

    Fun in First Grade!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your chair! I'm so jealous! I refinished and painted a chair for my classroom a couple of weeks ago, but it doesn't compare to this one!

    The Bender Bunch


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