Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ten Pin Linky : Classroom Decor & Pinterest = Perfect Combination!

Linky, linky, linky!! There are so many going on right now, and I think it's so much fun!
What a great way to see everyone's blogs & get some awesome ideas :)

Just Reed is hosting the Ten Pin Linky Party... if you've ever read my blog, I'm sure you've figured out I have a mild fascination with Pinterest. Okay, I'm obsessed.  There is just SO much out there & I can't ever find the end... I mean, is there an end?  Some nights when it's 3 in the morning, I'm convinced I'm almost there :)

Anyway, this linky is all about the Top Ten Pinterest finds...and this week, it's been all about Classroom Decor.  Which is,  naturally, most teacher's total obsession over summer, so it's perfect.

Here goes mine! Oh, and if you click the picture, it should take you to the direct source of each one :)

1.  I just bought some plain white magazine file boxes from Ikea to store my monthly texts I use to teach with. I want to organize & keep a place for those books I use for the units of each month. I kept trying to think of a way to cutesy them up, and then I found this....
I love everything about this chick's organization, but I'm in love with the cute ribbon on those magazine files. And the little circles for labels? Yes, please! Already bought my chevron ribbon & ready to go!!

I bought 15 (5 for $2), so one for each month labeled August - May & couple extras for good measure :)
*I can't find the source of this pin, so if you know, please share so I can give credit where it is due !

2. File cabinet Re-Do! My filing cabinet is boring old tan,and it's got lots of dings & scratches. I've been racking my brain for ideas of how to cutesy it up a little bit, and now I have a plan.  You know my love for chevron, so check this out!
OMG, right>?  In love.  Already bought the chevron contact paper on Amazon, and patiently waiting for it to arrive. Now, if I can just sneak into my classroom & bring that baby home to paint & cover :)

(If you want the chevron contact paper, click <HERE>.  Two rolls of 10 feet a piece for $12!~ )
Nope....can't find the source of this one either...seriously pinners, I hate not giving credit, so if you know...let ME know!)

3. Random Storage.  You know all those random school supplies you have & nowhere to keep them? Erasers, extra crayons, glue sticks or glue stick tops?  Mine always end up in some "catch all" place, but I think these are so super cute, and I'm loving the chalkboard labels!
I think you could use this idea for ANYthing!  Click the picture for the original link. I've also seen a lot of pins for DIY chalkboard paint...which leads me to #4...

4. Chalkboard Paint Labels... Just precious & so many ideas for using this!

I read another pin where you actually paint this on full sheet labels, trace out your frame template, cut and stick. Perfect-o!! Click the pictures for the DIY!

5.  Extra Paper Storage. I'm the world's worst about just putting those extra copies of handouts on my desk and in the "file later" box.  That box slowly  quickly grows to GINORMOUS proportions & then I have to sit down and file all those papers. This looks like an awesome solution to that problem...and it's cute, too!
Just wrapping paper & mod podge. With all the cute papers out there to choose from, there are so many possibilities.  Polka dots? Chevron?  Eeek! :)  I'm thinking two boxes, "extra handouts" & "missed assignments" for those kids who are absent?  What do you think?  They're going right on the side of my fancy schmancy file cabinet, too!

6. Cute Writing Center Cans! This girl (same as above) has the best's another one I think would be great for the writing center...and those chalkboard labels I already pinned will work perfectly!

7. Maximizing that weird wall space!! Thanks to the Clutter-Free Classroom, I now have a plan for above the Promethean Board & a weird corner that is just an eyesore to me... Look at how cute this is!
8.  I "mustache" you a question.... Don't you just love this?
I have a huge mustache on top of my Essential Question board (which I WILL be updating)...
  so I thought this cute little sign tied in perfectly.   Oh, and the mustache templates are FREE on this site, too... Always love a good freebie :)  You can see the original post about the GIANT mustache <HERE>. It was only FIVE BUCKS & it's a magnet, too!

9.  Birthday Board:  I admit it.. I'm absolutely AWFUL about celebrating birthdays in my room. Sure, the kids are recognized & I try to do SOMETHING, but it just isn't something that always gets done like I want it to. Plus, I've never had a great way to display bdays... Erica Bohrer, on the other hand, has a perfect solution...

10. Mod Podged Clothespins. What a super cute way to display work in the classroom. I'm thinking chevron or dots (naturally) with some clear glitter....  add that to a clothesline across the windows of my room and HELLO Cuteness!

No sources for either of these pictures, either, folks... sorry :(

Seriously, does anyone else have that problem with pins?? I sincerely TRY to check all the links before I pin something so I make sure it actually goes somewhere, but it seems to get harder & harder.  As always, if you know of the sources, please let me know!

And, even though I'm not supposed to have 11.. .I just had to put this on here, too, cause I'm heading to Big Lots ASAP to snag this beauty!
 Tessa at Tales from Outside the Classroom found this JUST this week & I think it will be perfect for my room.  So, I broke the rules and added a bonus one.... whoops! :)

Allright, friends...head on over to Just Reed & link up!!   I mean spending HOURS on Pinterest is KINDA like professional development, right???
 As always, thanks for stopping by!!! :)


  1. Kelly! Such cute ideas! I am planning on making some of those awesome clothespins! Soo cute!!
    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  2. All super cute idea. I love how she made the magazine holders cute by simply adding the reason. Why didn't I think of that?? I am asking myself that question a lot these days as I look through the 10 pins posts. :) Oh well, thank goodness for Pinterest! :) Have a great day!

    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I loooove the filing cabinet idea!

  4. Kelly!!! I absolutely love all of your pins and have SO many of my the same ones on my boards. :) The filing cabinets, plastic containers, and Ikea boxes are my top three faves. Headed to Ikea next month to pick some up!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  5. I am in LOVE with all of these ideas!! THANKS so much!!!

  6. Hi
    your ideas not just provide me solution of my kids classroom but also provide a sufficient amount of creative work. i feel that i will wait for your next idea book......

  7. The clothespins our my daughter and mine...that is our deck. Glad you liked them

    1. Aww.. I'm so glad to know the source!! I love them - they look great. Mine didn't turn out as well, but what a great idea :)

  8. Love the random storage containers! Super cute =)

  9. Did you paint the filing cabinet gray and just use the contact paper on the front? if so, what type of paint works best? Thanks

  10. Amazing,post about Interior Designer and best information ,thanks for sheering wallpaper purchase online

  11. For the black poster board wall did you use regular poster board or the thick foam board?


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