Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mini - Giveaway Winners

A big thanks to all of you that are following me on Bloglovin'! 
I'm actually getting used to it as a reader, and like it. My favorite part is being able to click "like" and save posts to go back to. Maybe it's because I never really used Google Reader, but the Bloglovin' thing is pretty neat-o if you ask me :)

Allright, keepin' it short... but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to the two winners of my mini-giveaway:
Kheila @ Two Friends in First &
Meredith @ Sunshine, Sand & Scissors

Both of these blogs are FABULOUS & I suggest you head over and check them out ASAP. Show them a little bloggy love & follow them, too! :)

Congrats, ladies.. I sent you an email so just choose whatever item you want from my TpT & let me know!

Heading to Ikea tomorrow...wonder how much damage I can do..hmmmm...

Updates soon....


  1. Have fun at Ikea! Love that store!

    I didn't know that you could save posts to go back to on Bloglovin. I'll have to check that out!

  2. I'm getting used to it too. I'm excited that they're getting more users and will be taking our suggestions. I never used Google Reader so i can't really compare the two but BlogLovin is pretty easy to use.

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