Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doubly Whammy! Two Linky's in One! :)

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Anyhoo.....on to the linkys! I LOVE linky parties, and really, summer is the best time for them.With not a whole lot going on in the classroom (or none at all as it may be...), these are a perfect way to share ideas & connect with other bloggers for some inspiration.

So..that all being said, I'm linking up with The Applicious Teacher for her An Apple A Day Linky with a focus on Classroom Management....

Warning...this is a LONG post...but SO worth it! :)

AND Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky for Classroom Management, too.
See? Double Whammy of some fabulous stuff ! :)

Ok... as for MY classroom management...
At my school, we have to follow our school-wide discipline plan, so everything has to follow a green - yellow - orange - red plan.  I've been using this for years, and my kids really respond to it.

My theme is frogs & lots of polka dots ...and now chevron (even though I'm moving away from SO many frogs and into more of a color scheme...anyway, I digress). So, to keep with the frog and dot theme of things, I do this...

Each child has a frog with his or her name on it . Naturally, they're green, so everyone starts on green. :)
I tell the kids a story on the first day about Ferdinand the Frog.  Ferdinand is a very sweet, but mischievous frog. On the first day of school, his teacher tells him all the rules, but Ferdinand isn't really listening. He hears something about "freckles" but he is too busy playing with his new shoes to really listen.  He does hear Miss Hop say "Now, remember, little frogs that don't follow the rules will get freckles.  Freckles are beautiful for little boys & girls, but not on froggies!".

That morning, during story time, Ferdinand is rolling around on the floor and trying to talk to his friends while they are listening. The teacher warns him and asks him to stop but he just keeps playing.  The next thing he knows... POP.!!!  He looks down and there's a GIANT yellow freckle on his arm!

This is where I explain to the children that on their first offense, they must put a yellow freckle on their frog, which equals 5 minutes out of recess.
(Please don't look at the cutting skills here... I had my kids cut them out for me last year, so they're kinda jagged...or authentic.. yes, authentic.)

Anyway, the story goes on to tell about Ferdinand pushing, running, and breaking other school & classroom rules.  Each time, he hears a POP! and gets another freckle.

Second offense is orange & equals a time out in the classroom and 10 minutes out of recess.

 Next is red, which equals a time out in another classroom, a phone call home & NO recess.
The last . . . and most dreaded freckle is blue. That means NO recess & an office referral.
Unfortunately, Ferdinand's facial expression never changes, but you get the point :)  The kids really respond to this & really  hate having to "move their freckle".

For management, every child has a behavior calendar in their homework folder.

I use the sticker dots to put on the calendar should a child move a freckle. If it is blank, it means a GREAT DAY!!  This saves me time because I only have to put stickers/freckles in folders for children who need them.Those who have had a great day just take  it home.
I write a number on the "freckle" to tell parents why their child got in trouble. I put a key in the folder or on a label on the calendar for easy reference.  For example:
1 - Not following directions
2-  Talking out of turn
3- Not using kind words
4- Not using kind actions
etc.... You get the point :)

The parents initial each night & if there is a problem that needs further explanation, I use the notebook paper in my homework folders for correspondence.

Anyway, that's it!!  It sounds or looks complicated, but it's super easy to manage, so I stick with it!

Oh, and this year, I plan on adding SILVER, PURPLE and PINK CROWNS to mimic the cute clip charts everyone has...for going above and beyond the normal classroom rules :) I will put THOSE colors on overachiever's calendars and they will get a reward...of some sort... which leads me to the NEXT linky....
My Top Ten Pinterest Finds about Classroom Management....oh how I love some Pinterest...
*click the pictures for the original source, please*

Oh, and my pins are about a variety of Classroom Management - anything that makes my day run smoothly is management at its best ! :)

1. Chevron AND positive reinforcement... Right now, my school just follows the bottom half of the board - green, yellow, orange, and red. With all the bloggers I've been reading about that do positive reinforcement DAILY and CONSISTENTLY with such success, I want to give this a try! I'll have to change the colors a little, but it's perfection to me!  Thanks to A Cupcake for the Teacher for the inspiration...

2. Reward System... I want to follow up the great behavior with something like this... I can't find the original pin I got this from, but this is my version of the reward system. 
I give out Skittles for random rewards throughout the day, but would like to get away from more candy and have some tangible rewards.  Lovin it!

3.  The Mini-Clip Chart... GENIUS!
For those students with behavior interventions or those that need an instant visual, this is perfect. I'm in LOVE! Need to get all my colors on there.... or find longer sticks...hmmmm....
4.  PENCIL FLAGS! Part of classroom management is managing all those supplies...
  "I lost my pencil"... "Timmy stole my pencil"... you know the drill.  Enter these beauties...
Pencil Flags!!!  Just use duct tape or Washi Tape corresponding to each table, and instant organization. My heart sings. *Can't find original source for this, so if you know, let ME know!

5.  Quiet Critters! Just a little incentive for those kids working extra hard at working QUIETLY!  Mmm... don't you just love the sound of that???

 6.  Hand Sanitizer CONTROL!
  In my room, my hand sanitizer serves 2 purposes...1) clean hands and 2) bathroom passes....
The kids put these on their desk (one person at a time, please) when they go to the restroom. This helps me know who is gone. PLUS, when they get back, they get a pump of sanitizer and we're mission GO for clean hands. It's a win-win for me! 
But...and this is a BIG many first graders do you know that only get a LITTLE pump?  Yeah,  me either...

Then, I found this...

LOVE! Perfect for my already-in-place system, but it saves the sanitizer! Yipppee!

7.  Mystery Walker... So you can bribe encourage the kids to walk quietly down the hall...

You choose a name and they are the MYSTERY WALKER in the hallway. If that kid follows all the hallways rules, there is a reward. If not, the name goes back in the tin and no one is the wiser! :)

8.  Tattle Sticks & Warm Fuzzies
 In my room, I have tattle sticks... little sticks that look like people with magnets on the back (yeah, it's super complicated! haha)
 When someone tattles, the stick comes down.... BUT, the tattle sticks left on the board EACH earn a Warm Fuzzy!

 I need a cute idea for a warm fuzzy jar & I found this one.... LOVE.

This blogger even has templates for you FREE!  Anyway, when the jar fills up, we get a class party! Yay! :) So happy I found the cute jar inspiration..can't wait to make it !

9.  Noise Meter...
Self explanatory, but such a great idea. There are just so many times in the room where a different noise level is expected. I love the visual for the kids. :)

10.  FREE Classroom Calendars to follow the Clip Chart system.... Um, yes please?
Maybe I will change MY  colors so I can use these awesome calendars. Click the picture to link to the TpT store to grab them for FREE. 

I did find them on Pinterest, but thought you'd want to go DIRECTLY to the awesome-ness :)

 Okay, friends, I think I've blogged enough...
Thanks for sticking through me through this SUPER LONG post, but I hope you got some great ideas.. now head on over & link up.. I wanna see what YOU found! :)


  1. Love the word "authentic!" Also love the pencil flag idea! I have yet to find a good pencil management system and this one might actually work!

    Fun in First Grade!

  2. Love the frogs and putting the dots on the frog! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love those 'mini clips' clip charts. Thanks for sharing your pins!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  4. I love the idea of putting a rubber band or hair tie on the hand sanitizer. I keep trying to teach my kids that they don't have to use a ton of sanitizer, but it would be so much easier to just limit it. :)

  5. I love your frogs! I have two of those pins that I might try this year. The clip stick would be good for a child who frequently breaks rules or is hypersensitive. The pencil tape would be great for solving our "Who stole my pencil?" or "Who is breaking all of the pencils?" arguments.
    Stories by Storie

  6. The frog idea is SO creative! I've never seen anything like it.

  7. A lot of these ideas were new for me. Super excited about the Rewards System idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Rios Teaches Second Grade

  8. I like the drawers for different leveled rewards. I'm your newest follower!

    Lesson Plans & Lattes

  9. I pinned the pencil flags idea a long time ago, and it is super! I bragged on you in my blog post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love the ideas you have for classroom behavior. I think the frogs and freckles are a great way for the kids to understand what kind of behavior they are displaying vs. the kind of behavior that is expected. I also like the idea of having parents be aware of the behavior their child had today at school. I also like the idea of having them sign off on it and so it is evident they noted how their child's day went.


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