Sunday, May 5, 2013

Guest Blogger: Ready for Summer Vacation???

I am super excited to be guest blogging with Kelly today.  I found Kelly a couple of months ago and there was that "connection" through the bloggy world that I know so many of you will understand.  We started emailing back and forth about products and then about life and have now become good friends.  I miss her if we don't email every day and she's become a rock that I can depend on and that means the world to me.  When she asked me to guest blog I thought "OH, WOW!!!.....KELLY wants ME to blog on her page??"  I am very honored and hope I do her proud!

We've been talking a lot about going to the beach lately, which is where she happens to be sitting RIGHT NOW, and so my wheels started turning and I decided that it would be awesome to end the year with a BEACH theme.
We have DIBELS testing and STAR testing and SIGHT WORD testing and POI folders to complete and Permanent Records to check........YOU GET IT?!?  so I wanted the kids to have something fun to do.  I bought some shovels and pails at the Dollar Tree (my all-time favorite teacher place to shop) today and some beach balls to place strategically around the room (and may go back for some luau kinds of things later to make it even more spiffy).

The last week of school I am planning a "Read by the Sea" day where they bring in beach towels and read independently all day long (and probably listen to some read-alouds).  We will throw in some "beach sounds" on the surround sound and have some drinks and snacks too I'm sure.

 Tuesday we will do some beach/summer crafts and some writing about our summer expectations.

Wednesday I plan on making some summer centers, or I'll just use some games/centers/puzzles from throughout the year, to just relax and enjoy the time together.

 We will have a Movie Madness on Thursday where undoubtedly we will watch Finding Nemo or The Reef or some other beach/ocean related theme. (If you have any ideas of a good BEACH movie to watch I would love to hear about it).

On Friday we will be having a beach ball autograph swap and will make our letters for next year's class (along with a big school assembly). Then SCHOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!! (Singing the song in my head already - hehehehe)!

I think the teachers will look even more excited than this!!!!   Can't you just picture it???

BUSY BUSY BUSY!!  Anyway, here are the worksheets that I made to lead up that "beach bum" week so that I can get everything else done while still keeping them engaged and practicing Common Core Skills.  Click Ready for Summer Vacation? PREVIEW to get the preview with 5 worksheets for FREE.  If you like what you see and want/need more, head on over to my Tpt store HERE to snag up the rest.
 A couple of sample pages for you to see......
Thank you Kelly for having me today!  You know how amazing I think you are!  I'm so happy to call you my friend.  Enjoy the beach and soak up some rays for me too!!!
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  1. Love the Would You Rather freebie! It goes right a long with our graphing unit we just finished up! Thanks for sharing! We did our STAR reading test last week and are taking the math test tomorrow. Hope your kiddos rock the test!

    Fun in First Grade!


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