Saturday, May 4, 2013

Guest Blogger Julie & Some Poetry Inspiration :)

Welcome friends, to this special F.G.F. edition!
I am your host, Julie Marciniak, and I am thrilled to be filling in for Kelly today!  I am truly honored by Kelly's invitation. It is also very exciting to reach a new audience of teachers today!  YAY!
Oh, did she tell you where she is at the moment?  
The beach.
That's right.
Kelly is beaching it, 
 catching some rays,
and yes, I do feel a bit jealous about that!
Now, I would also hope that she is sipping a cool bubbly or frozen cocktail and gossiping away with friends by her side. 
 Doesn't that just sound AwEsOme?
I am THRILLED for Kelly actually!  
She totally deserves some much-needed R & R.
I only know that because I am a late night blog stalker.
And yes,
Kelly knows I stalk her blog...
but with all the amazing things she has done this year with her class, this fab first grade teacher deserves a tan and some relaxation!  Now of course, Kelly has no idea that I am talking her up so much, but I consider her a great blogging friend!
I think the reason I feel we have so much in common stems from our passion for teaching first grade.
What is it about first grade that is so magical?
Perhaps that is what inspired Kelly's blog title...  
First Grade Fairytales....
What a perfect a glass slipper comes to mind!

 I would love to inspire you with 3 things today...
A quote, an author, and idioms!
I have a passionate love for children's literature.  I became overly-obsessed in college and I haven't stopped collecting since.  Six years ago, I became involved with a local affiliate of The International Reading Association.  This wonderful organization is run by teachers, all non-profit, and we do philanthropy in and around the city.  This year, I have the honor of being President of the TACIRA and with that awesome distinction, I got to choose a favorite author to bring in this fall.  I interviewed several, but then I found her.  And by her, I mean the one and only Denise Brennan-Nelson.  From the moment we first talked on the phone in July, I knew we were going to be great friends!!!  Here is Denise, looking snazzy in her animal prints, and me, with a big cheezy smile, so excited to get a picture with my favorite children's author!!
 She is the author of many awesome children's books, 
including this one-
My Teacher Likes to Say
Story Summary:
From the same team that brought you My Momma Likes to Say comes this delightful interpretation of maxims, idioms, proverbs, and cliches many students remember hearing on a regular basis in the classroom. From “Do you have ants in your pants?” to “Stick together!” and “Great minds think alike,” readers will be intrigued by the history of these adages, told in poetry form as well as expository text, and amused by the witty illustrations depicting these sayings as a child might imagine them.

Since it is National Poetry month,
I thought this book was the perfect conversation piece to explain to my littles how idioms work in speaking and in writing.
I highly reccomend adding this treasure to your Amazon wishlist.

And, it gets better!
Click here to download the companion PDF file that includes 24, that's right folks, 24 amazing reader's response activities that celebrate idioms, poetry, and much more!  Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there on your left side is the PDF just waiting for you to click on it!  And did I also mention it's free!  
This is why I LOVE using Denise as an Author Study throughout the year!  She has a free PDF file of goodies for EVERY book she has authored.  
She is simply the BEST!

I leave you with my last piece of inspiration...

I  love motivational quotes and all things inspirational.
What teacher doesn't, right?

 I wanted to do something special to thank Kelly for this guest blogging opportunity!  I made this friendship heart on my iPad using Image Chef.  It's Gandhi's beautiful quote: "Be the Change You Wish to See in the World!"  We are changing the world, one little child at a time and I think this quote keeps me inspired, especially on "those days" when things get a bit dicey.
 Kelly, you are truly an inspiration to me and a great role model to follow after...  Thank you for being so sweet and for being such a great listener!

Thank you for stopping by Kelly's blog today!

It has definitely been a pleasure being her guest author and I would be honored to have you stop by my blog and visit me again!
First Grade Critter Cafe
I hope you have that special "fairytale ending" to your school year!  Enjoy every minute of it!


  1. Kelly, I don't know about you, but this guest author sounds like one cool chick!!!
    (insert hysterical laughter here!!)
    Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me!
    Here's to a tan, sunshine, and fabulous weekend for us both!
    HUGS upon HUGS,
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe


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