Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eek! A Mouse....Arrrggghh! A Pirate! Cause & Effect FREEBIES!

First day back after my fabulous vacay & the kids were...well... they were great for me, BUT my sub didn't have as much luck. I had 4 kids that were separated from the group and a long list of things I had to address.  Welcome back, right!?! I was so sad that some of them weren't at their best, but overall, they did a great job.  With only 16 days of school left, I guess I have to cut them a LITTLE slack. Not much..just a little ;)  Tomorrow is field day, so maybe they can run/climb/jump/yell all their energy out! :)

Anyhooo.... we have been working on cause & effect & we did a few cute activities I wanted to share with you. Cause & effect makes my head want to explode and/or causes me to want to beat my head against a wall, but I think they did pretty well this time. Fingers crossed it sticks :)

First, we read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The littles always love this one, so it was a fun start to our study.  We made mice & cookies...

Cute huh?  I forgot to bring the pattern home, but I will upload it here ASAP. Or, you can email me & I will send it to you by the end of the week, promise :)

Since I forgot THAT part, I did want to share the recording sheet with you...
Just click the above picture to grab it for FREE. :) The kids recorded their favorite part of the story on this sheet, and then we put it together into a class book to go with our mice !!

The next day, we were kicking off our oceans unit/finishing up our landforms unit by reading about pirates. We read one of my FAVORITE books... How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long & David Shannon...
We then discussed cause and effect again...talking about how everything that happens CAUSES or results in something else. We used the word "SO" a lot.... I mean, A LOT. I was hoping that would help them make the connection.

Then, we made pirates :) Yay!
 The kids had a blast making this little craft. I got the pattern from Learn Create Love. I just blew each pattern up on the copier to make them full size & ran them on construction paper.  I just love the teeth each one of them created! Too funny!

Then, to practice cause & effect, we made these treasure chests...  You just folder a BIG piece of construction paper into three sections.  They cut the treasure chest pattern in half so it would look like they were opening the chest.

Inside, my firsties matched cards as cause & effect & then sorted them under the correct heading.

This was the final product!
You can grab the pirate patterns at the link above, and the chest & cause/effect sorting cards by clicking the pictures below...and they're FREE! :)

I had to guide the kids through the matching of the cards because this IS such a hard skill, but I think they rocked it :) They matched them on their desk before gluing, so that made it easier, too.

Oh, and again, they used the word "SO" a lot.... hey, whatever works!

The fonts are a little different from the ones pictured because I had to recreate it after the files just magically disappeared...(arrrghhh!).

I hope you enjoy the FREEBIES & have had a GREAT Wednesday!!  Like I said, tomorrow is field day which means I get to wear shorts to work, but also makes for a long and HOT day.. We're looking at 84 degrees and sunny tomorrow.  Great weather for field day...not so awesome for my hair...haha 

It's also my birthday, so I'm happy about a fun day for that!!! I am not, however, so happy about how quickly they keep coming :/  MB is heading to town & we're going to a concert tomorrow night. What a busy week! I think I'll probably sleep all weekend! :)

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As always, thanks for stopping by!!  We're so close, folks... I can feel it. Summer is upon us! 16 days for me! What about you??


  1. I love the pirate activities! These are precious!

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  3. I really like your cause & effect activity.

  4. I would really love the mouse pattern. Thank you so much for sharing! You're wonderful. My e-mail is

  5. Hey- Love these ideas! Can you send me the mouse pattern??

  6. These cause and effect phrases do not go with the story How I Became a Pirate. What story actually goes with the phrases? Love the idea but there is a disconnect.

    1. It was during our Pirate unit, so the story was just a lead in to a discussion of cause and effect. The actual phrases for the craft were just sentences centered on pirates in general. :)

  7. Thank you for responding. I took your idea and made cards with cause and effect statement from the actual story. I read the book once for enjoyment, then later read it with think alouds about the cause and effect in the story. My kids are chomping at the bit to get to do the treasure chests! Thank you for the great idea.

  8. I was wondering if it was possible to get your mouse pattern. That is if it isn't to much work! my email is . Thank You so much, I know my students will enjoy it!

  9. I was wondering if it was possible to get your mouse pattern. That is if it isn't to much work! my email is . Thank You so much, I know my students will enjoy it!

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  11. If it’s still possible, I would love to have a copy of the mouse pattern. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing : ) My email is

  12. If it's still possible, I would LOVE to have a copy of the mouse pattern. Thanks for sharing! It is adorable. My email is THANKS!!

  13. I would LOVE a copy of your mouse pattern! I would love to use it in my classroom! My email is Thank you!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing! This will be perfect for our pirate day. :)

  15. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!! My firsties are going to love them!! :) I know it was almost 2 years ago but do you still have the mouse patterns? If so, is it possible to get them? I'd love to so this with my firsties! :) Thank you!

  16. I would love to get a copy of your mouse pattern if possible. My firsties would love to make them. Thanks!!

  17. Could you please send me a copy of your mouse pattern if it isn't too much trouble? My first graders would love it!! 😄 Thank you!

  18. I would love the mouse pattern also. thank you so much!

  19. I would like the mouse pattern as well please! love this for my first graders!

  20. I would love the mouse pattern please and thank you!

  21. Thank you so much for the freebies! I would love the mouse pattern . thanks.

  22. I would love the mouse pattern !!!
    Thank you


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