Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're in the Midst of Crisis - A Number "Lion" Crisis!

4 down and 1 to go! Wow, this week is FLYING by!!  Before I get to my bloggy topic of the day, I want to say a big thank you to all the positive feedback from yesterday's post.  There were so many sweet & happy comments left & I tried to get back to each & every one of you. But, for those I didn't - YOU are the good in the world. I get so much inspiration from reading your blogs, and the refreshment I need sometimes,so thank you. :)

Okay, now onto today... and our crisis...

Folks, I swear number lines & the 120 chart/hundreds chart might very well be the death of me. Somewhere in the midst of the Common Core, those that make our district assessments have come up with some of the hardest test questions I have ever seen for first graders. Most of these involve matching hundreds charts to number lines, matching hundreds charts to word problems and ANALYZING...yes ANALYZING mistakes made by "person A" on a a question. It's just so hard for my babies.

They are trying so hard, but it has been an uphill battle.  I wish I had started indepth number line & hundreds chart exploration EARLY in the year.  So, I was telling my friend Angie at Monahan Monkey Madness about my troubles & she came up with the BEST unit for helping my firsties. We have been doing it the last two days and I'm talking SUCCESS folks... pure & total success! Yay!!

So, I wanted to share her product, A Number "Lion" action..with you!

The kids were actually using their strategies & matching the number lines with hundreds charts FINALLY made sense. The hardest part was getting them to understand what the marks on the hundreds chart actually represented....counting by ones or tens.. addition vs. know...actually UNDERSTANDING & using the hundreds chart.

When they got it, it was like the clouds opened & angels started to sing..

Yes, I'm being dramatic, but yes, I was THAT excited ! :)

Here's a little snapshot of her packet... if you're kids need work in this area, you should definitely click the picture & check it out ! :)

So, crisis officially averted. Now, we are ready to move on to matching word problems to representations on a hundreds chart.  On our pre-test, the kids were asked to choose the word problem that matched the hundreds chart pictured. It was so many steps & so much reading!!  So, it's time to get to work on that! :) Our "mock" state test is less that 2 weeks away. Eeeek!

I'm off to do laundry... PILES of it. I am heading out of town for a wedding this weekend & unless I actually get it all done, I'll be celebrating the new nuptials in yoga pants & a tshirt! Probably not the best choice of attire, so off to work I go.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thursday, and are ready for FRIIIIDAY!! Yay! :)

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Thanks for stopping by, friends :)


  1. Awe! Thanks so much for the shout-out! I am just so happy that it WORKED! I'm gonna try it next week so it is great feedback to hear that it is POSSIBLE!! LOL Get that laundry done girl and I'll catch up soon!


  2. Holy COW that's some hard stuff for first grade to be tested on! Ours is not that difficult. I will say I'm not sure mine completely understand that skip-counting and the hundred's chart are speaking the same language. I tried to help a child with counting coins (who can skip count using the hundred's chart btw) and she said that counting by 5's and 10's with nickels and dimes isn't the same thing as using the chart. Sometimes it takes a little more to make that connection. And BOY did you go the extra mile! Fantastic work! You are fabulous!!


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