Monday, March 18, 2013

Odd Street & Even Avenue

Holy moly - it's hailing here! No, seriously, HAILING like I've never seen... my yard is almost covered in white, and the size of this hail is craziness! Now, they're talking tornadoes...nothing like spring (almost) in the south ! :/  So glad I made it home before the weather started.
Please excuse the "decor" - old chairs to take to Goodwill since I had to make room for my new fancy furniture :)

Anyhoo...we have been working on place value & even/odd numbers. I found the cutest activity on Pinterest.  Thanks to Tiffany at The Lemonade Stand for the awesome inspiration :)

We have been working with hundreds, tens and ones & counting to 120 using our base ten blocks.

We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs ( I LOVE when I can incorporate literature into math!!)
We talked about the strongest and weakest houses & compared them.  Then, we used manipulatives (base ten blocks) to make our own withstand the powerful sneeze of the Big Bad Wolf!
Next, we used paper versions of our base ten blocks to create our houses..  I gave them 1 rule: They could not use more than NINE of any one type of block. 

I think they turned out awesome!

Then, we figured out our "address"... using the number of hundreds, tens & ones it took to build the house. 
They wrote it on a sticky & then on a label for their house.

The kiddos LOVED this!!  They kept talking about THEIR house wouldn't blow down :)

So, today, we moved into our study of Odd & Even.  We read Even Steven and Odd Todd & sorted our numbers...

The kids then had to highlight their "address" to indicate even or odd. 
Lastly, we created Odd Street & Even Avenue in our hallway.  Too cute!

In hindsight, I really should have put these in numerical order (and will probably do that tomorrow), but for now, I think it turned out great. The kids loved every minute of it & were even telling people in the hallway to come check out our "neighborhood". haha :)

We finished up our math lesson today with a cut & paste for Odd Todd & Even Steven...
This, along with the Odd Todd & Even Steven posters... AND a sorting math center...can be found in my Even & Odd pack on TpT :) Just click the picture to go & get it !!

Plus, the first 3 people to leave their email address will get it for FREE. :)

As always, thanks for stopping by & I hope you had a great Monday. I love to leave you with a little funny, so here's today's favorite...
Hee hee! Ain't it the truth?? ;)  Now, the weather is really kicking & the sirens are going off...guess I'm headed to the closet. woo hoo!! 

Have a good one, folks :)


  1. So cute! I have the book already!

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  2. Oooh oooh!! Pick me! I LOVE this activity! Great idea tying it in with that book! We just finished up a fractured fairy tales unit, and it was by far one of my favorite units to teach.

    mrscockrellsblog at gmail dot com

    -Mrs. C.
    Teach On.

  3. Awesome!!!

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  5. I love this! I'm pinning it to remember later!

  6. What a great idea with the 3 little pigs!! I just found your blog via Pinterest and I'm totally pinning this and adding your pack to my wishlist! I'm loving your blog too. I'm your newest follower! Hope you have a great week!! :)

    Jungle Learners

  7. Hello! Hoping you haven't met your max of free Odd Todd & Even Steven set giveaways. Just in case, my email address is


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