Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mind Your Manners!! *With a FREEBIE!

Wow, it is definitely THAT time of year. Spring fever is in full swing (even if it IS just 45 degrees in GA right now), and the kiddos are ready for spring break...and summer!

We all know what that means..  TATTLING and just plain ole' bad manners.

Tell me you've heard "He's looking at me!"... "She has my pencil!"..."Sam cut in line"..."I want THAT blue crayon, not this one!"... "He won't play with me"....

Then there's the pushing... the name calling... 

Oh, the list is endless!

I swear, some of my firsties are gonna wake up with a big ole' tattle -tail one day. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher used to clip a "tattle tail" to our pants if we were guilty as charged. We would have to spend a while (what felt like FOREVER) with the tail & everyone knew we were tattle-tails.

Now, times have certainly changed & we can't do THAT anymore, but after the last couple of weeks, I know I have to do something!

So, I created a Mind Your Manners literacy unit. It's Common Core based and includes lesson plans, craftivities and lots of graphic organizers to review (or teach?) good manners and responsible behavior while reading some great books, and focusing on characters and inferencing. Sounds good right?

The best part? The end of the unit is a Manners Tea!!  :)

The kids will dress up, and attend our "tea" in the room . .. complete with tablecloths, napkins, forks, tea/juice, and cookies. We will practice our "please" and "thank you's", as well as how to eat with our mouth closed & how to "mingle" with our friends the RIGHT way.

There are 37 pages & the lesson plans and activities are based on books most of you have in the classroom or can check out from the library...

You can also adapt a lot the activities to fit books you already have, or lessons in your room.

There are some great graphic organizers and sorting cards, too!

And, as always, there's some armadillo for tattle-taling & a ladybug to explore what really "bugs" us!

Plus, invitations for your Manners Tea! :)

You can pick it up at my TpT store <HERE> or by clicking the unit picture above.

Also, if you go download the preview, you get 4 of the graphic organizers FREE! :)

I hope you like & would love your feedback.

As always, thanks for stopping by. We have 2 more weeks until spring break (which seems like an eternity, but we're hangin' in there!).  Then, it's testing time. We still don't have a date for 1st grade testing in our district, so we're kinda scheduling blind & hoping we get it all in and *mastered* by the big day.  Fingers crossed, right?

Have a happy end of the week & mind those manners, for sure! :)


  1. I LOVE this unit! I have added it to my wishlist! Thanks for this :)

    Mindful Rambles

  2. Can I just say you are amazing? This is so adorable, and something I hadn't thought of before. I have the next few weeks planned, but intend to buy this after that and use it!! Thanks!!


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