Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Math Egg Hunt - A New Twist!

Has Easter crept up on anyone else but me??  I've been trying to get it all together, and I already know we'll be doing Easter centers next week so we can get all the cuteness in!

So, at my school, we have children of many diverse backgrounds. Because of that, the traditional "Easter Egg Hunt" had to undergo a bit of a makeover.

A few years ago, my team & I came up with the idea for a Math Egg Hunt...
     same plastic eggs, same hunt & find, same fun...

But, with a TWIST..a math twist. 

Okay, I'll try to do my  best to explain..First of all, we do this as a team of three teachers. Keep that in mind when you are reading.

We send home a letter asking for each child to send in TWO dozen, plain colored, plastic eggs, pre-FILLED with candy (no chocolate). 

Then, we separate the eggs out by colors, so each class gets 2 colors.
For example, I get green & purple
    Mr. G gets yellow and blue
       Ms. W gets orange and pink

Next, we make sure that all the eggs are taped shut (and that they have candy in them... you'd be surprised!)

The next part is the fun part . . . we take labels that I made with TEN different ways to represent a number (addition, subtraction, tens/ones, money, numeral, number word, word problem, missing #, model dots, and tally marks) & stick them to our eggs.

Each class has 6 pages of labels. The numbers represented go to 18, so if we have more children than that, we just make an extra set.

Once the eggs are all labeled, we take them outside and "hide" them.
   *I'll be honest, with this many eggs, this usually means tossing them into a big field we have behind our school..haha*

Okay, now for the MATH part...

Before the egg hunt, the kids are assigned a number.  They can ONLY pick up and keep eggs that match their number.  Make sense?

Okay, Sammie is in my class she can ONLY look for green & purple eggs.  She doesn't even pick up eggs of other colors, because she knows they are not for her.

When she's looking & picking up eggs, she has to decide if that is her number. Say her number is SEVEN...she looks for the ten eggs that match her number.  One of each kind of representation (an addition problem that equals 7, money that adds up to 7 cents, tally marks that represent 7, etc...).

So, at the end of the hunt, Sammie only has green and purple eggs that represent her "magic number".

Fun fun!!  The kids always have a blast, so we have done this for years. Plus, it's a great way to review math skills while still having a little Easter..whoops...Spring fun!


If you would like to grab the labels, you can click the above picture. They're FREE!

 The labels are saved in a Zip File that open up into 6 Word documents. Make sure you have Word or these won't open.

The labels are made to fit 1" x 2 and 5/8" labels...those that come 30 to a sheet.  If you use Avery labels, it's #8160, but they'll work with most labels that are this size.

You can also get Full Sheet labels/stickers and cut them apart if you choose.

Oh, and two more things - we ask for THAT many eggs, so we can make sure we have enough.  We usually have some left over so, at the end of the hunt, when we come inside, the kids get all the extras in their baskets to make sure that all the eggs are used, and everyone has a happy day...a happy day full of treats!! 

So that's about it.. . I wish I had pictures from last year to share with you. We are doing our Egg Hunt tomorrow since our Field Trip is Friday, so I will post pictures tomorrow night if you need a visual.

If you decide to use this, or think you might, I'd LOVE to hear your comments!! Definitely let me know how it goes..

 This has been a first grade tradition and one the kids just go nuts over.   When we get new 1st graders, many say, "Are we going to do that egg hunt this year?"  LOVE...makes my heart smile & all the hard work (taping, labeling, hiding...) so worth it!!

Oh, and just for the record...we HAVE done this inside before. We used the media center when we had bad weather & it was just as much fun.  Enjoy & have fun!!

Thanks for stopping by..and for all the Bloggy Love :)


  1. Kelly, this activity is fabulous!! We made a literacy egg hunt as part of our Spring Has Sprung packet. These math number sense riddles will be a great math component to our Spring fun we're doing with our kiddos after break! Thanks for sharing!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

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  5. Not sure if you are going to read this. The above comments are very weird. I just wanted to say thank you! These stickers are EXACTLY what I was hoping to find when I searched for a different way to do the egg hunt with my firsties. Thanks!!

  6. I just sent a comment but didn't see the "notify me" so I wanted to let you know. ;)


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