Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What a Wonderful World !!

We are back in full swing after our winter break & loving every minute of it.
With Dr. Seuss' birthday right around the corner, we have been reading, reading, reading...and learning a bunch too!

Today, the kids got to present their Black History Projects. Every year, my team & I ask the kiddies to do their first research project. Encouraging kids to read non-fiction text and to practice some of our Common Core research strategies is one of the reasons we do this, but we also think it's a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

Often times, only the "bigs" get to do stuff like this & line the hallways with their cool stuff, so we like to give our firsties an opportunities to show off their big brains!

Here's some of the awesome projects!!!

Aren't they great???  My favorites are always the ones where the kids really do most of the work & you can tell. I have to say, they did a great job presenting their "person", too.  I was just a wee bit proud :)

When we're finished, I grade them using the given rubric & the kids evaluate themselves. That's a big part of our evaluation system this year - having kids set their own goals, and grade themselves on their work and progress.  That's so hard to do with first graders, but we're working on it!

 See?? First graders can research & show off, too!

So, because a couple kids chose Louis Armstrong & it's a great culmination activity for our study of black history, we also listened to a few tunes... ( I love all that YouTube has to offer!!)
and created our "What a Wonderful World" books. It's one of my favorite songs & since we've been working on mental images/visualizing, I thought this would be a perfect way to end our unit...and have some fun, too. :) I've done this for years now & the kids always love it.  It's funny  how universal and timeless this song is...

I just LOVE their illustrations....this always shows off their sweet side & that children's innocence we don't get to see much anymore.  It makes my heart just swell with happiness.

We then cut them apart & make them into a little book. 

If you want a copy of this, let me know & I'll email it to you...or leave a comment with your email address.  I dont have it uploaded to TpT or Docs, so I can definitely send it on :)

What do y'all do for research projects??  We are looking for another one to do because the kids had such a good time & they rocked it !!!

So, that's about it for our Tuesday. Time to get to making some Dr. Seuss stuff for Friday - we get to have D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) Day & the kiddies get to wear their PJ's to school, bring a favorite stuffed animal, pillow and blanket. Fun fun... I love days like that ! :)

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  1. Those are so cute. I am your newest follower, us Princesses need to stick together, lol.

    The First Grade Princess

  2. Could I please get a copy of your Wonderful world activity? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! My email address is afeathers@scsk12.org. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Can you please send me a copy of the Wonderful World activity? I LOVE it! akegoheels@yahoo.com

  4. Hello is there anyway i could get a copy of the rubric sent to my email either yperry108@gmail.com or yperry@qeschools.org

  5. I would love a copy of your Wonderful World Activity. If you could send it to blanchette.s@hotmail.com I would really appreciate it!

  6. Can I please get a copy of the rubric??? Kelly@discoveryok.org

  7. Can I please get a copy of the rubric? My students would love the smiley face! Great post! Thank you!

  8. I would love a copy of your Wonderful World Activity! If you could send it to alyssa.dondes@gmail.com that would be greatly appreciated!

  9. I would love a copy of the Wonderful world activity book. ! I can't wait to do this lesson! I am super excited! kimberly.kantrowitz@nhcs.net

  10. I would also love a copy of the rubric and the Wonderful world activity book. These are great ideas! tamyra.bolden@pgcps.org. Thank you!

  11. Hello I LOVE this rubric! It's perfect. My third graders just finished their projects!

    My email is abelli@laceyschools.org

    :) Thank you!!!!

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  13. Hi, This is so cute! This is my favorite song and I never thought to use it this way!! I would love a copy of the project and rubric, please and thank you! addantj@ccsd93.com

  14. This is the perfect lesson to tie in with an art project I have been creating. I have been collaborating with a 2nd grade homeroom teacher who has been teaching about immigration and our music teacher who just ended a jazz unit of study. I chanced upon the book "What a Wonderful World" based on the song sung by Louis Armstrong and illustrated by Tim Hopsgood. With Earth Day right around the corner, I would love a copy of your project and rubric. Thank you so much for your inspiring blog!

  15. I would love a copy of your "Wonderful World" book activity! I recently purchase the children's book and want to plan a lesson for my music classes. Thanks so much!

  16. Can I have a copy? Carla.frazier@hctnschools.com

  17. Can I please have a copy of the rubric for the BHM project? gfowler@eaaofmichigan.org

  18. Love! Love! Love your BHM rubric! Can you please email me a copy at jpalmer12@cps.edu
    Thank you so much:-)

  19. Can I have a copy of the rubric please! jordanjacobergorman@yahoo.com

    Thank you!


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