Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crafting Madness, Must Have Books & Winter Wonderland Exchange :)

Is it really only Thursday? And I am really blogging again?  Yeppers! I know, maybe the Mayans were right & we're nearing the end.  Ummm...nah!

I know I've said this (and forgive me if you're tired of hearing it) but WOW - the kids are going crazy & there's still 6 more school days left! Bear with me...this post will be a little ADD, but I wanted to share with my bloggy friends.

For me, the BEST way to keep the kids busy this time of year is crafts....lots & lots of crafts! :)

Today, it was reindeer . . .
 Anyone have a cute caption for this bulletin board??  That big ole' blank spot needs some attention!
 Cute huh?

Next, we'll work on Santa :)
We haven't made them yet, so you get the laminated model today.  Isn't he so much fun? I love the glitter nose. Love me some glitter. :)

Anyway, these craft patterns come from the BEST BOOK EVER!  If you've never seen this, I can tell you - it is fantastic.  We use it for Halloween, Christmas, the Presidents, Valentine's Day, St. Patty' name it!

Now that I've sold on its awesomeness, I should go ahead & tell you - I can't find the actual book ANYWHERE.  But...I'm not here to rub your nose in my fabulous book and you not being able to get one. I did find the PDF version that you can purchase online. It's 138 pages of craft patterns for every single season & holiday... and it's like $17 ! Thinking about how much I pay for craftivities on TpT & stuff, I think it's a great deal.

A former colleague of mine got this for me my 2nd year of teaching, and I have used it until the pages are falling out.  It's actually made for using with HANGERS (seriously, hang up your clothes in the closet kinda hangers), but I've adapted them to just be cut/paste patterns for cuteness. 

You can get the e-book from Frog Street Press <HERE>.  (No, I don't work for them, but I love this book enough to share! haha)

 Yep, it's been that kind of day all day.  So, another book I just have to tell you about it MY MOST FAVORITE CHRISTMAS BOOK...
Seriously, if you don't have this book - run, don't walk, run to your nearest (hee hee) and grab it up now. I guess you could actually get in your car & drive to the book store, but I'm the lazy shopper these days.

Anyway, this is literally the funniest book I read all year. The kids and I both laugh out loud when we read it & believe me when I say, it's one you'll have to re-read over and over again.  HILARIOUS! :)

Now...another book I just have to share ( and then I'll hush about books, I promise).
    How many of you make Reindeer Food with your kiddies??  It's a big tradition in my classroom, and my fellow teachers, too.  We mix some oats (you know reindeer love some oats) and some "magic" crystals (aka glitter) to spread on the front lawn to attract Santa & his sleigh. We put them in baggies with a super cute topper & send them home.

   Well, you're not going to believe this, but I actually found a book that tells the story of Reindeer Food & the magic crystals that go in it!
It's not easy to find (try Ebay!) but it's actually a book I can use to support our mixing of breakfast foods and glitter :)

 You can also get a super cute printable for FREE to top your Magic Reindeer food <HERE> at Sailing Through 1st Grade :)
Okay, now that I've written a novela on craftiness, I want to share something else really cool with you!

Winter is such a fun time for crafts. Don't you just love seeing all the crafts everyone is putting on their blogs?? I swear, sometimes with all the Common Core & craziness of teaching these days, the craftivities are what keep me sane.

Anyway, Maria at First Grade Carousel is hosting an awesome Winter Wonderland Craft Exchange. 
 This is how it works, from Maria . . .
   " It's easy to participate just pick a winter project, have each student in your class make one or more. Send 20 projects to my address with a short letter that tells about your class, winter in your area, and a bit about your project. You will receive back a package with one project and letter from each participating class. I love getting mail, and I know our children will be very excited when the package arrives at school."

There are still some spots available, so head on over to her blog to sign up!  How much fun, right?!  The goal is to decorate your class with 20 different crafts from all over the country...and Canada, too...and learn something about all the places.  I can't wait to make my Polar Bears & Penguins :)

Head on over & check it out!! 

Hope all is wonderful with you. Hold on tight - it's almost FRIDAY!! :)



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