Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A HodPodge of Christmas Crafting Goodness & a FREEBIE! :)

It's almost here ....the break! Ahhh.... that's the sigh of relief that I'm anticipating! :)

Seriously, this week has been a whirlwind. Full of emotions, LOTS of hugs, some crazy excitement, and fun filled days of crafts, books, and sharing.  Even though my kids are completely nutball right now, I love them more than they will ever know, and I absolutely adore this time of year with them. The excitement, the bright eyes, and the innocence...

If I could just bottle up that innocence, or find a way for these sweet babies to keep it as long as possible....That would be my Christmas wish. 

So in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to show you all the fun things we've done this week. Last time I posted, I showed you our super cute reindeer...
Well, we took the reindeer theme and RAN!

Of course, we made reindeer food...

 A little oats...and some MAGIC CRYSTALS from the North Pole, of course. Santa sends me these crystals special each year.:)

One child asked, "If they're magic, why are they in the bucket labeled "glitter"? (uh oh!)
But another kid came to the rescue... " She has to hide them there because they LOOK like glitter, and that way no one can find OUR magic crystals!" Love it.

 Then, we put our food in these little brown paper bags & make them into reindeer. I love how they turned out!

After our reindeer food, we made reindeer ornaments...

A whole pile of reindeer! The kids LOVED making these & who doesn't have a bunch of popsicle sticks and stuff sitting around?  We used the mini sticks for the antlers... a new twist this year, and I like them better than the usual pipe cleaners we usually use.

So, then, we compared and contrasted fiction and nonfiction text about reindeer using our Reindeer Fact Books!

The little book inside comes from Mailbox, Kindergarten 1998-1999.  I got it from a former colleague of mine & the kids always love it. Plus, it's easy to read text with facts about reindeer.

I'll admit, this week is NOT the most instructional, but I do love this activity.

We also made Rudolph! Rudolph! Rhyming Books (no picture, sorry!), and I wanted to give it to you as a FREEBIE!!! You can grab it in my TpT store <HERE>.  I know it's a little late in the season, but it's a fun activity, a great review of rhyming words, and you can even save it for next year! :)

 If anyone knows the author of this poem so I can give credit, please let me know. Every where I look, it just says "Author Unknown".

Okay, so then we moved to snowflakes - more ornaments!

Have you used these before??  I went looking for regular sticks & they were out. Lucky me - these worked out even better !!!

The kids were so pumped about the glittery snowflakes - and I loved them, too. A friend of mine is going to do them in January for her winter unit in Kindergarten & I thought that was a great idea, too.  Just wanted to share :)

Anyway, that's it so far. Tomorrow, we will make our snowman ornaments & I am super excited.  On top of that, my class won the Behavior Movie Party for 1st grade ( GO us !!!) so I get 2 hours of planning. Ahhh...there's that sound of relief again :)

Here's a preview of our snowman ornaments...thank you Pinterest!!!
I bought paint pens today to go over the Sharpie the kids will use. I think that will look better. Add a couple pom poms, a pipe cleaner & some hot glue, and TA DA... project done!!!

Okay, so that's about it for me tonight..time for bed & a LONG day tomorrow. We have PTA...yes, PTA, the night before the last day of school.  Nighty night!!! Have a great rest of the week :)


  1. Wow Kelly I love everything. Thanks for sharing such great crafts:)

  2. Your December crafts are AMAZING! I love the snowman ornament. Definitely adding that to next year's plans! Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. Oh my goodness, Kelly!! Your activities look like so much fun, I'm sure your kids really enjoyed December :) Those reindeer bags that they made are precious! I am so excited to be your newest follower! Hope you are having a fantastic break!

  4. I would love to have a copy of Really are Reindeer Like That if you could send it to me.


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