Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Decorating Contest. HELP!

I just love this time of year.  There are so many fun units to teach, so many festivals to go to, such nice weather, and the kids are always excited about school & learning.  Which makes my job easier & a whole lot more fun. 

Speaking of festivals, my school's annual Fall Festival is coming up & teachers are always asked to decorate a pumpkin to display & auction that night. It's such a fun activity & you'd be amazed at all the cool pumpkins. Aren't teachers so creative?!?!  Anyway, this is where YOU come in. I need help!

The first year we did it, we could do ANYTHING we wanted with our pumpkin, so my class & I made a hamburger. . . . and we won! (woo hoo...I'm just a *wee* bit competitive)

Isn't it fun??  We used buffer mats from our SUPER SWEET custodians for the meat & tomatoes, the kids cut cheese squares and lettuce from tissue paper & I used cup tops for the onion.  Then, we glued the seeds from the pumpkin to the outside. The kids loved it!

Then, the next year, we had to choose a book & make a pumpkin to match.  So, I chose one of my most favorite books, Unlovable. 

 Please tell me y'all have read this book. It's seriously one of the best books out there & it makes my heart smile every single time we read it.  Anyway, please excuse the mess, but it's the only picture I had.

   Now, on to this year - we can do anything again, so I'm struggling for ideas.  I was thinking maybe Angry Birds (since you know how much my kids love them).  Maybe a few little pumpkins or squash that the kids can help me paint...in a nest?  I just don't know. HELP!  I'd love your ideas . . . of if you think I should just go with the birds to be different?

  Also, this year (the first one in a while), I am so blessed to have WONDERFUL parents and volunteers, so I've decided to bring back my Pumpkin Decorating Contest. for the kids.  In the past few years, I've struggled with getting parents to help their children with even the simplest of projects, so I stopped doing this.  It made me sad because it's so much fun. So, this year, when I realized what an awesome group I have, I thought, "I'm definitely bringing the pumpkins back!"

I sent home a note explaining that we're having  a pumpkin decorating contest. I ask that children (parents?) choose their favorite story book and decorate a pumpkin to go along with it. I know this is not a new idea, but I just love it so much.  I also remind parents that it can be a teeny tiny pumpkin or a huge one - whichever. I don't want parents who are struggling to feel obligated to buy a silly pumpkin.  I also do the book characters because of the children who may not celebrate Halloween.  Fingers crossed it goes well this year - I can't wait to share some pictures with you!!

   Oh, and on another pumpkin note - we did Pumpkin Decorating as a team building at a faculty meeting one year, and it was a huge success.  All the grade levels had to bring everything they thought they'd need to decorate a pumpkin & then we set a timer and everyone went to work. It was hilarious!!  

   We had Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, SpongeBob & even one team did our principal & AP. So much fun!  Just a thought if you were looking for something to do with your staff.  Oh and for those of you who have an ALDI, they have really big pumpkins for less than $4! Great deal :)

   Okay, I'm off to think of something OTHER than pumpkins..maybe a little TV therapy with The Voice will help me !

    Hope your week is going WONDERFULLY :) 


  1. I LOVE your hamburger pumpkin! How cute!! I like the Angry Birds idea. I teach 5th, so I am not really sure what firsties like. What is your school mascot? If it is something fun you might think about using that.
    I heart The Voice, so may be a rock star pumpkin?


  2. Wow your hamburger pumpkin was EXCELLENT. I also love your unlovable dog. I still do not know much about angry birds but I think it would be cute.
    I posted some of ours on my blog.

  3. I LOVE the hamburger!!! How awesome. I am liking the Angry Birds idea as well. Hmm...this is hard!

  4. okie a couple of things...im your newest follower and so happy i found your blog through the linky (working on my post now) ....i think your pumpkins are so cute...we have contests every year too and im doing a bride pumpkin since i just got engaged =) drop by

    Just Wild About Teaching


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