Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've been Boo'd & Giveaway Winners! :)

I have been Boo'd !!  
I don't know if any of you have ever done this in your school or neighborhood, but it's such a fun way to share some Halloween love.  So, here's how this works:

If you've been booed, copy and paste the above pic and these "rules" into your post.
1.  Give a shout out to the blogger who booed you and link back to their site!
2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else),
or freebie(s) that you love!
3.  Share the Boo love with 5 bloggers- make sure you check this link to make sure you don't boo someone again:
And don't forget to tell them that they have been BOOED!
4.  Link up {here} so that others can find you and read about your October ideas!  And while you are there... check out the other great blogs!

Thanks to Lori at The Reinspired TeacherCovered in Glitter & Glue for Boo'ing Me! :)

Okay, so October ideas.  Here are just a few of my favorite!

1) Jack-O-Lanterns & Scarecrows.  Ok, so not really SCHOOL related, but we're allowed to have fun ideas outside of the classroom, right!??! I found this idea on Pinterest & just thought they were so cute!!
I made these this week for my team & for my fabulous room mom for all she does in my classroom.  Super easy to make & I think they turned out pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself :)  You can check out the original link <HERE>.

2.  Paper Plate Skeleton. Say what??!?!?!   I just love this.  I'm amazed at the ingenuity & craftiness of some folks.  Anyway, just had to share it. Don't know if I will be making this with my class (maybe in teams??) or just use as a door decoration, but I do love it. :) You can get a template by going to the link <HERE>.

3 - Witch's Feet !!!
Miss Nelson at Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera came up with these & I just fell in love. How cute are these?!  I made two sets this weekend & I have to tell you, I'm super proud of how they turned out & how they look outside. Wish I had taken pictures (sad face), but Miss Nelson's are awesome!  One pool noodle cut in half + tights from Target or Wal Mart + witch shoes from Goodwill or your local thrift store = a super cute display for Halloween :)

4 - Halloween Syllable Sort by Fabulously First

My kids really need help with syllable and word parts, so I just loved this freebie. You can get it <HERE>.

5 - Candy Corn Compound Words
   I made this because we are working on compound words this month.  Just cut the pieces of candy corn apart & it's a great center for kids to create compound words :) You can grab them FOR FREE at my TpT store by clicking <HERE>.

Now on to 5 fabulous bloggers to BOO!
1 - Tamera at My Heart Belongs in First 
2 - Michelle at 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray! 
3 - Karen at An Apple a Day in First Grade 
4 - Tracy at Creekside Teacher Tales 
5 - Grella Monsters at . . . Grella Monsters! 

And now... the winners of my giveaway!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to Andrea for winning the $25 TpT gift certificate & Corinna for winning the books!  I have emailed you both about your prizes. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered :)



  1. Kelly,

    I'm super excited to be a winner! I can't wait to get your books. I will be checking the mailbox everyday! ;0) Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  2. I more thing! I love the scarecrow and jack-o-lantern! Adorable!

  3. Thanks for linking up!! Love your cute blog (I'm a new follower!). Oh man I just love everything you posted about..but think I'm going to check out the candy corn compound words...super fun!
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  4. Yay! I am so excited to have won your giveaway! That candy corn compound words freebie looks like fun and something I could use with my intervention groups.

    Thanks so much!!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  5. Your blog is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I love your pinterest crafts and freebie!


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