Thursday, September 20, 2012

Great Giveaway News & Help Needed

Hi friends!!!  Keeping it short today, but I just had to share a great giveaway going on & as for a little help.

As for the giveaway,  Heather is so sweet & such an inspiration to all of us teachers. Her blog just makes me smile!  So, hop on over to Heather's Heart for a GREAT giveaway. 
Seriously, she's giving away ...
* A $25 Lakeshore gift card (woo hoo!!!)

* A $25 TpT gift card ( you know your wish list is soooooo. . . . . long!)

 * A $50 Target gift card ( just think of how much Dollar Spot stuff you could grab up!)

Head on over there & enter to win.  :)

So, as we speak, my Promethean Board is being installed. . . . I AM SO EXCITED!!!  But, I'll be honest - I don't even now how to turn it on.  If you have any suggestions, tips, links or resources, they would be GREATLY appreciated ! :) There's not enough money in the budget for training for all teachers, so we have a few people in our school to assist us, and the rest is up to us. I am super pumped about my new friend, but I'm a little scared, too.  Thanks for any help!


  1. Heya Kelly! Awesome about your Promethean board! I know you are excited about that. I would be too. We have Mimio's in our classrooms. When I did use a Promethean board, I used Promethean Planet (website). It's free to register and you will find TONS of stuff already pre-made for you until you get the hang of making your own stuff.
    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Kelly,

    I am so glad you visited my blog at Fabulously First and Barbara from Grade ONEderful was the one that designed it. I just wanted to drop by and say HELLO! I have some really good resources on my pinterest boards for flipcharts and promethean stuff if you want to visit it? ( Hope this helps you in your journey to learning about your interactive whiteboard!

    Deb at Fabulously First
    My TpT Store

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I am following you, too. :) Good luck with your new smart board. Wish I could offer a suggestion but we still don't have any smart boards at our school. I wish we did but I know I would be totally excited and intimidated at the same time! Lattes and Laughter


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