Monday, September 17, 2012

Apple Goodness, a Freebie & a little vent!

Happy Monday, Folks!
I want to share some of my apple unit with you, but first, can I have a minute to vent??

I don't usually take up blog space to do this, but I am sure most of you can relate just a little bit.

So, I come back to school today after being gone a whole week. Of course my kids had a sub.  Now, usually, I am a HUGE supporter of subs & really appreciate all they do for the little money they make. But, today, when I walked in my room .  .  .I about lost it.
This was me.

The sub  had rearranged my furniture. . . yes, moved desks around so she could put my rocking chair in the middle of the room and hang out (I guess??)

She did not do ANY of the lessons left for her, but instead . . .
     went through my filing cabinet where I keep some old sets of worksheets that I had made copies of in the past & never got to ( I keep these "Just in case") She pulled stuff out, stapled them together & made a packet.

A packet full of stuff my kids had never even done before. They had NO clue!

Then, she went to my book center (where I am a WEE bit anal retentive about its organization) and just passed out stacks of books for the kids to look through & just laid them on top of the other books . . . NOT back where they went.  Argggghhh!!!

Add on top of that the comments from specials teachers & even the lunch ladies like "Wow, your kids were awful last week" and " Your kids were so loud in the lunch line, we had to come out here and monitor them!".  Embarrassed :(

Now, I was a little perturbed with my kiddies but they are such sweet children . . . and they are CHILDREN, so I couldn't really blame them. Especially, 5 weeks into school. Ugh . . . anyway, had to vent. Thanks for listening.  I feel better now.  Breathe.  Breathe.

NOW . . . on to APPLES!!! 
  I absolutely LOVE doing our Johnny Appleseed unit every  year. It's one of my very favorites. This year, I took to Pinterest & came up with some great things to do. I wanted to share them with you! Plus, the cutest thing I've seen in a LONG time is at the end of this post :)

  So, we started the week with a poem and some read alouds
Then, we worked on describing words for Johnny.  Our standard tell us that the kids should be able to explain what contributions Johnny made to our country, so we start with coming up with words that describe him & make Pot Hats with describing apples on them :)
Oh handwriting isn't so great. How do some teachers write perfectly when writing from the side without blocking the chart?! 

They loved their hats . . . wore them everywhere we went ! :)

Then, we graphed apples, which the kids always love. :)

 My apples kinda look like hineys...whoops!  And I can't get this picture to rotate.. awesome.

Then, we hung them up in the classroom. Thanks to Alycia at for the display idea !!!  It's 3M hooks & sheet protectors so the work can be changed out all the time. Love it!
We also worked on features of nonfiction text by starting with labels.  This idea comes from The First Grade Parade & her drawing is MUCH better than mine, but I tried :)
The parts of an apple were done last week with the sub (kind of ..... ugh) so I don't have any pictures, but I loved this idea. It comes from Kathleen at Growing Kinders.

Okay, and then the VERY BEST idea I have seen in the longest time . . . the APPLE RICE KRISPIE TREATS!!!!! :)
Oh my gosh - are these not the cutest things you've EVER seen???

Again, since I was out, I didn't actually get to do them (yet!!) so I don't have a picture of ours, but we will do them this Friday just for snack since the kiddos didn't get to make them last week.I just had to put it on here because I was so super excited about them :)

I just love them & can't wait to make them, so I'm figuring out a way to put them in the plans.  We're continuing our focus on tall tales & folktales, so it kinda fits right?!

This picture and recipe come from Mandy at Gourmet Mom on-the-go.  Just add red jello or food coloring, a tootsie roll and an Airhead (I'm not awesome at icing . . . ) and VOILA! Cuteness :)

Lastly, we made number lines from apples. You can pick up my freebie here

Okay, so thanks for listening to my rant & for stopping by for some apple goodness.  I will be back later in the week for what we've done with tens and ones. Yay!  I'm just ready to get back into the swing of things :) Tomorrow is a half day conference day, so maybe Wednesday it will all start falling back into place. Fingers crossed !! :)


  1. OMG, I would completely lose it! I freaked out when I had to call for a sub the morning of because I was SUPER picky about who I trusted with my classroom. Thank God I don't have to worry about subs with my new position. They'll only hire one if it's a long term deal.

    Your apple activities are adorable!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

  2. Sorry about all that!! Your apple stuff looks great though =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Oh wow! I hope you get to choose your own sub so you don't EVER have to have her back again. That's crazy!
    Love the rice krispie apples.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. I can relate to having a sub (we call them relief teachers in Oz) completely messing the room, isn't that one of the reasons we hate being away? I have also been the "sub" and I loved it when you could easily find what the teacher had been doing or wanted you to do and I didn't see any reason why I would veer from the plan.
    Go figure the ones that mess it up for us good ones huh? Your apple activities look fab!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  5. Wow that's definitely not a sub that should ever be called back!

    Your apple activities are adorable! Love your Johnny Appleseed drawing!

    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  6. Ugh! I feel your pain! I had to go home sick for half a day a couple of weeks ago and the sub let the children mess up my library too!!

    Love your apple activities! We're learning about Johnny Appleseed this week, too I'm thinking we may have to try those rice krispie treats!! :)

  7. Sorry about your sub.. That is a bummer!!

    I am loving your rice krispie treats! Will be making for sure!!

    tattling to the teacher

  8. Just wanted to pop over to my newest follower's IS cuh-UTE!!!

    Wow, just wow regarding that sub. I'd be so angry. When I subbed I NEVER did that. That's like someone going through your stuff at home!

    And just like the others have said, your apple stuff is adorable!

    ~ Ms Apple Blossoms
    Apple Blossoms

  9. Your blog may just be the cutest blog I've eve seen! If there were blog awards for cuteness, I'd totally give it to you! (Make I should make one up!) Anyways- that sucks about the sub! I would be so upset! I also LOVE the apple Rice Krispies!! SO CUTE! I am going to have the New Teacher Blog Tuesday post up shortly and just wanted to let you know that you are on it this week!
    Fun in 1st Grade

  10. We are doing Johnny Appleseed next week! What great ideas, I can't wait to use a few!! :)


  11. So, here is my "Worst Sub of the Year" award. One year when I was teaching first grade, I was out for a training. When I came back the next morning, I found a note on my desk from the sub that said (among other things)..."The boys and girls did not know how to write correctly, but I fixed it. Now they can all form the letters correctly." (Did I mention this was like the first month of first grade?) Once my little ones started arriving, I walked to the front of my room to grab my purse and put it away. One little girl burst into tears. I quickly went over to her thinking she was ill or hurt. She said, "Please don't go. Don't let Mrs. K come back again." I let her know I wasn't going anywhere, that I was just putting my purse away, but for the next several minutes, I felt like I had sprouted a new appendage since she had firmly attached herself to my hip and was NOT letting go. A little later, while transitioning from work stations back into a whole group activity, I laughed and made the comment.."Boy, y'all sure do have a lot to say to each other today." One of my boys said "That's because we are the worst ever." I asked him why he would say that. He replied, "That's what Mrs. K said yesterday. "We are the worst class in all of the world." I was speechless (which is really hard to do!). Later, I reminded someone that it was time to work, not visit with a friend. She literally got up and stuck her arms out straight from her shoulders. I asked her what in the world she was doing. She said that's what you have to do when you talk in school. I could go on and on with the things that this woman did to my class. If it hadn't happened to me personally, I would think, "No one is that bad." Unfortunately, I am not exaggerating. It was awful. I spent the rest of that week trying to rebuild my children's sense of safety and reminding them how incredibly special they were and just how wonderful I thought they were and how much I loved them. It took a couple of weeks before I saw the relaxed and happy first graders I had left. The damage that this one sub did in one day still shocks me to this day. (Thankfully, my "RANT" down in the principal's office did manage to get her blocked from subbing at our school again.) That was one person who should have never been allowed around children.

    Thanks for letting me share...this took place a long time ago and it still makes me crazy today - LOL. I love your blog and your posts and am your newest follower. I hope your mom continues to get better. :)
    Adventures In Teaching

  12. Doing apples this week and next - might be stealing me some ideas!!!
    So sorry about the sub. I subbed for 4 years. Never re-arranged anything...

  13. This looks like a fun activity. I am sure that your students had a great time.

    Literacy and Math Ideas


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