Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Management

9/17/12 ~ Update: I am linking up with Rachelle & Natalie at What the Teacher Wants for their Behavior Management Linky. I'm so excited to see the great ideas out there :)

I keep seeing everyone's classroom management plans & there are just so many great ideas out there!  I've had some questions about mine,so I thought I would share.  At my school, we have to follow our school-wide discipline plan, so everything has to follow a green - yellow - orange - red plan.  I've been using this for years, and my kids really respond to it.

As you have probably figured out, my classroom is overflowing filled with frogs.  I guess once you start something, it can sometimes get out of control.  Anyway, to stay with the theme of frogs & dots, I do this:

Each child has a frog with his or her name on it . Naturally, they're green, so everyone starts on green. :)
I tell the kids a story on the first day about Ferdinand the Frog.  Ferdinand is a very sweet, but mischievous frog. On the first day of school, his teacher tells him all the rules, but Ferdinand isn't really listening. He hears something about "freckles" but he is too busy playing with his new shoes to really listen.  He does hear Miss Hop say "Now, remember, little frogs that don't follow the rules will get freckles.  Freckles are beautiful for little boys & girls, but not on froggies!".

That morning, during story time, Ferdinand is rolling around on the floor and trying to talk to his friends while they are listening. The teacher warns him and asks him to stop but he just keeps playing.  The next thing he knows... POP.!!!  He looks down and there's a GIANT yellow freckle on his arm!

This is where I explain to the children that on their first offense, they must put a yellow freckle on their frog, which equals 5 minutes out of recess.
(Please don't look at the cutting skills here... I had my kids cut them out for me last year, so they're kinda jagged...or authentic.. yes, authentic.)

Anyway, the story goes on to tell about Ferdinand pushing, running, and breaking other school & classroom rules.  Each time, he hears a POP! and gets another freckle.

Second offense is orange & equals a time out in the classroom and 10 minutes out of recess.

 Next is red, which equals a time out in another classroom, a phone call home & NO recess.
The last . . . and most dreaded freckle is blue. That means NO recess & an office referral.
Unfortunately, Ferdinand's facial expression never changes, but you get the point :)  The kids really respond to this & really  hate having to "move their freckle".

For management, every child has a behavior calendar in their homework folder.  I use the ones from Anything But Perfect.She has the cutest FREE calendars,like this one!
I use the sticker dots to put on the calendar should a child move a freckle. If it is blank, it means a GREAT DAY!!  This saves me time because I only have to put stickers/freckles in folders for children who need them.Those who have had a great day just take  it home.
I write a number on the "freckle" to tell parents why their child got in trouble. I put a key in the folder or on a label on the calendar for easy reference.  For example:
1 - Not following directions
2-  Talking out of turn
3- Not using kind words
4- Not using kind actions
etc.... You get the point :)

The parents initial each night & if there is a problem that needs further explanation, I use the notebook paper in my homework folders for correspondence.

Anyway, that's it!!  It sounds or looks complicated, but it's super easy to manage, so I stick with it!

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  1. I love your idea of using the stickers and writing codes on them. Saves a lot of time:)


    1...2...3...Teach With Me
    Dots of Fun! Clip Art

  2. Interesting! Haven't seen a system like it before.

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  3. Really cute frog behavior ideas! :) I bet your classroom is adorable!!!
    Do you mind adding the linky party graphic to your post?
    Thanks for linking up!
    -Rachelle {& Natalie}
    What The Teacher Wants

  4. I love the frogs!! Those are too cute! Your blog is super cute too!
    The Hive

  5. Where did you get your frogs from?? They are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. i just went and downloaded the calendar - how cute are those?! your ideas are great! i just finished my first year of teaching this past year and behavior management was an area i needed to tweak for next year. thanks!

  7. I love the sticker idea! I use a clip chart and calendar in their homework folder. The stickers make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi, I was wondering where you got your green frog from? I would love to give your behaviour system a go with my prep kids. If this is okay with you would you be able to send me the link or template of your frog. sportsgal7392@gmail.com

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